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Nintendo Explains Why Not All Mario Maker Tools Were Available At Start

Nintendo producer Takeshi Tezuka has explained why the company chose to time delay some of the content creation tools in Super Mario Maker. Tezuka says that they simply decided that unlocking too many of the tools at the start of the game would lead some players to feel overwhelmed with all the items at their disposal. They thought that gradually unlocking them would be a better idea.

“This decision was part of our basic policy. We wanted the rewards to increase as you became more familiar with the game and to look forward to what would unlock the next day,” he says. “From our testing, we learned that if too much was available all at once then many players weren’t sure what they should do and didn’t have as much fun with the game. However, I do understand the feeling of wanting to unlock things earlier.”


91 thoughts on “Nintendo Explains Why Not All Mario Maker Tools Were Available At Start”

    1. honestly its not so much unlocking as it is waiting around. I rather have to unlock by playing challenges, playing tutorial levels, playing user made levels, exe.

        1. ^Troll Detected.

          If you don’t want ‘Fanboys’ to reply to you, then it would be in yours and everybody else’s best interest, if you just didn’t comment………It’s not difficult to understand….

            1. So those other 2 are Fanboys? If you’re not a Troll, then those 2 aren’t Fanboys. You can’t have one rule for yourself and then separate rule for everybody else. Newsflash Kid, the world doesn’t work like that, so deal with it.

              1. Still didn’t get your reasoning. But I’m free to express my opinions — so are you. Then you can keep calling me names, and I can keep calling fanboys as “fanboys”.

                Fair enough, right?

            1. That’s cool. Play for the games not the consoles. Don’t know why you have to offend other gamers but hey man, do your thing.

              1. I surely don’t want to offend anyone here or anywhere. “Fanboy” is not a offensive word in my point of view; it’s just the word I believe suits the best for people who insist to try to defend companies BS. I criticize both Sony and Microsoft as well as Nintendo. None of the three are flawless. The truth is that Nintendo is the only one getting worse this generation. But maybe I overreact sometimes, I’m aware of that. I’ll try to improve.

                1. I personally think Nintendo improved quite a bit since the Wii days, not alot as they still have some stupid policies, but I catch your drift. And well we all have to work out a few things, no ones perfect after all.

                2. Well, to be honest, being called a fanboy isn’t exactly like wearing a medal of honor. It’s usually used to offend people, even if it may be true.

          1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

            He’s using the term fanboy right. But if it makes you feel better to think those of us calling Nintendo out for their bullshit are fanboys, go right on ahead. The fact there are more of us using the term fanboy right makes your “definition” meaningless.

            1. no he isn’t using it right where in my comment indicates that im a fanboy , also i don’t call people who bad mouth nintendo fanboys because they have made some stupid decisions, the ones i call fanboys are the ones that complain nonstop on everything little thing nintendo does even when its good. honestly your one of those people that’s why i barely take u seriously

              1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                Keep telling yourself that if it makes it easier to ignore any good points me, Stranga, or Rootgamer have against you when you defend Nintendo. And nowhere in my comment did I say you were a fanboy, so I don’t know where you got that from. I’m just pointing out you’re misusing the term fanboy. But whatever. Keep misusing that word.


                  1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                    Just because most might be crap because he’s blinded by rage doesn’t mean Stranga doesn’t have a few good ones buried underneath it all. You just have to get past the rage to see it. If all you see is his rage, you obviously won’t see them. As for JTZ, I don’t even know why you brought that spammer up.

                    1. sorry all i see is stranga do is make negative ridiculous comments that don’t even make sense lol you can tell he’s running out of ideas on what to complain about they get more stupid the more he comments, yours too

      1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

        He’s right, though. The fact Nintendo thinks we’re all idiot children that need our hands held says a lot about them.

          1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

            I only agree with negative comments when they are actually right. This just so happens to be one of them. Nintendo is trying to hold everyone’s hands because they think we’re idiots that need help. There’s been plenty of games where Nintendo has been holding everyone’s hands, babying everyone. Mario Maker is just one of the most recent moments of them trying to baby everyone.

              1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                Oh? So you stalk my comments, eh? You’ve seen me agree with every single negative comment? Now who’s exaggerating.

                1. lol why would stalk your comments? u sure im exaggerating? dude i’ve been pretty active in this site for awhile now and everytime an article pops up u will always say something negative no matter what its not hard to notice :)

              2. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                E3 2015 was terrible for me so I’m agreeing with any negative comments that I myself agree with & I feel happen to be true. Not my fault the current games Nintendo has us talking about are mostly crap like amiibo Festival, Federation Force, Splatoon, Triforce Heroes, etc. If the only news we get is Nintendo games I can’t stand, of course you are going to only see me agree with negative comments. That’s like asking a man on a battlefield why he won’t stop killing people? Uhm… because it’s the only thing there is to do if you want to survive the crap.

                1. im not saying not to disagree with negative comments because some are actually true but u pretty agree with all of them even the idiotic ones , sorry but complaining nonstop isn’t gonna make things better especially towards a couple of harmless spin offs

              3. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                Like I told that N-Dub Nation idiot when he had the nerve to call me a pretendo fan, I’ve been a loyal Nintendo fan since childhood & even stuck with them during the horrible Wii generation full of mostly casual crap instead of buying a PS3. I’ve just hit a point to where loyalty for a company is more exhausting than it is rewarding these days. It’s time to let the birdie (Nintendo) fly on it’s own & look out for my own interests instead of defending them like a total tool. So I look forward to putting a PS4 right next to my Wii U within the next 6 months & will just have to enjoy it when Fatal Frame 5, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Star Fox Zero, & Zelda for Wii U releases. And maybe Pikmin 4 if that’s to be a Wii U release.

    1. You speak as if you know good game design.

      Too much choices at the start actually does stumble new players. That’s an objective fact. It’s for this reason why games like Minecraft (and other sandbox games) tend to be difficult to get into when you first starting out, and why tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons are more friendlier to beginners than games like GURPS.

      If you decry me as a “fanboy” like you did with Andrew, it just goes to show you how little you know of game design in general.

      1. “You speak as if you know good game design.”

        Oh, no, you didn’t get the point and still bothered to compare Mario Maker to a “hardcore sandbox” game like Minecraft.

        1. It’s the mere fact that Minecraft’s a “hardcore sandbox” (in other words, very complex) that causes beginners to become very lost on what to do at the beginning of the game. Nintendo wanted to avoid that situation with Super Mario Maker, or at least reduce its impact among players, even if it seems very simple in comparison.

          It may not seem overwhelming to you due to its relative simplicity, but what’s to say it wouldn’t for the others? After all, Nintendo’s targeting the casual gamers in addition to the hardcore ones. Those who don’t play games that often. The skills of casual players suck in comparison to the hardcore ones.

          1. I acknowledge the good logic behind your statement. But, in the end, it proves my point: Nintendo cares about the casuals more than they should.

            There is one thing called “learning curve”. It makes you — by yourself — master a game step by step. Gradually. Little by little. And the process of going through the learning curve is nothing but what makes gaming rewarding and worthwhile.

            1. You’re obviously not the game’s target audience, so quit complaining. There’s several Nintendo games catered towards hardcore gamers, like Super Smash Brothers (especially Melee), the more recent Metroid games, etc. Super Mario Maker is not one of them.

              Also, even YOU must admit that the learning curve mustn’t be too steep or else they would deter beginners. This is what makes “hardcore sandbox” games like Minecraft difficult for a beginner to get into – it has a very steep learning curve.

              1. My wish to play Mario Maker makes me the game’s target.

                The learning curve is… A learning curve. It can take 2 weeks or 2 months do fully master a game. If one is not patient enough to go through it, better be doing something else.

      1. I could’ve waited for more characters, especially since you don’t get all the characters right off the bat anyway (in-game and dlc). Some people love the anticipation of great things, like waiting to unwrap a gift under a Christmas Tree.
        Does that make any sense?

        1. Yes, it makes sense, but this isn’t the same principle. Basically what Nintendo is saying is “we don’t want to overwhelm the people who don’t know what they’re doing which is the target audience.”

          Honestly, it’s hard to tell exactly WHO Nintendo targeted with Mario Maker, because 3 of the 4 palettes you can use are from the days when Nintendo’s games had fair challenge and didn’t hold your hand through nearly the whole experience but then dictate by time what tools you can use to make your own levels instead of skill or actual logged hours. And I can tell that mostly casuals play this game because I design my levels with only moderate challenge (with one or two exceptions), and they still have very low completion rates because players die once and then give up.

          Point being, they grab the hardcore players’ attention by utilizing the styles of SMB, SMB3, and SMW and then pander to the casuals by limiting the available tools in fear of making said casuals feel like they have too much at once.

    1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

      If I’m going to pay $60 for something, I want most stuff to be accessible from day 1 of my purchase depending on my skill level, not some bullshit daily time limit. I paid $60 bucks for the damn thing so therefore I expect $60 worth of content on day 1 of my purchase. 15 minutes or even 1 hour is fine, I can live with that. But 9 days!? Fuck that. I’ll just not buy it. I’m sure I can find something else to spend $60 bucks on that will give me my money’s worth on the first day of my purchase.

      1. And you are what’s wrong with today’s generation of gamers. Winy brats who want everything now, now, now.
        You bought it for $60, there IS $60 worth of content on it, you just need to learn to wait.

        1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

          These are video games, not movies. If I have the skill to unlock stuff sooner rather than later, I should be allowed to do so. I shouldn’t have to wait for some stupid time limit bullshit. If that makes me a whiny brat, fine. I’d rather be that than a lackey that accepts everything even when I know it’s bullshit.

    1. It’s the reason I didn’t buy Splatoon to begin with. I’m sure I’m not the only one not wanting to be spoon fed content.

      On Mario Maker tho, it makes sense to not overwhelm in a sandbox title. Hell you have to work a bit in Minecraft to build certain things, might as well limit in some way here.

      1. It’s not really spoonfeeding though- you still have to buy everything with in-game money and how much you have depends on how much you play and how good a player you are.

        I like Splatoon’s system of unlocking stuff because it keeps me coming back to try out whatever it is (one of the game’s most spoken lines is “Stay fresh!” after all), and by releasing something for all players simultaneously puts everyone on an even playing field- no one knows the best strategies for it yet and now they can be developed by the community.

        1. Spoonfeeding in the sense that it’s not readily available to the player. The player can’t make a decision on an item for the future because who knows what’s around the bend.

          I prefer other shooter’s methods of having you unlock items as well, but you know what’s going to be available already as you can see all the items for that preferred class.

  1. Did anyone notice how weird the title of this post sounds : “Nintendo explains why not all Mario maker tools were available at start.” Shouldn’t it be something like:
    “Nintendo explains why not all OF THE Mario maker tools were available FROM THE start.”

    1. Try to explain that was retarded to all fanboys here, Stranga. You will waste your time and you’ll be accused of being the fanboy!

      I just hate how Nintendo thinks they need to cuddle gamers and say to them “look, you must play our games exactly in this way…”

      There was no such a thing for Metroid, Battletoads, Contra, Cobra Triangle, Megaman, Double Dragon, etc.

        1. PC Master Race Agent Narud

          ||These are early signs of the ultimate extinction, the death of console gaming and the resurrection of the Master Race……

            1. PC Master Race Agent Narud

              ||Michael Pachter belongs to a dying breed of dullards, me on the other hand, belongs to the true magnificence of gaming……

              ||Gaming as you know it will cease to exist and console gaming will be vaporised for all eternity while we thrive beyond limits……

              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>Not as long as me and others like me are still around Narud, your “precious” Master Race will never achieve dominance entirely over our empire>>>

                    1. PC Master Race Agent Narud

                      ||Child at prayer, your desperate aggressiveness only proves your dying console breed……

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  3. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

    Aka we think all of our fans are idiots & need their hand held like the child that we think they are or are casual gamers. Hardcore gamers that know what they are doing? What’s that? We’ve never heard of these hardcore gamers before. Must be some new age crap. *sigh* The Wii truly has fucked up Nintendo’s priorities & mind. Wii: successful in money only.

  4. Mhm. Exactly what I had in mind. I’m for this but a 9 day limit would be too much and the tools available at the start feels far too sparse. I’m glad they updated it but preferably I would like to unlock these by playing turtoial levels or special challenges made by their team NOT by players online (100 Mario challenge is a NIGHTMARE!)!

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