Unreal Engine 4: Here’s The Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask Stunningly Recreated

YouTuber CryZENx is at it again and has recreated the beloved The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask using the state of the art Unreal Engine 4. The lush video recreates one of the scenes towards the end of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and showcases the use of the Fierce Deity and Deku Scrub Link mask. You can watch some other Nintendo properties transformed in Unreal Engine 4, right here.



    1. Exactly, this goes with every Unreal engine demo I’ve seen. They’re missing that Nintendo charm. That little touch that makes every game feel like an official Nintendo title. Sure, it might look impressive… But it doesn’t feel unique. 

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    1. Too bad that was just some kind of fake ass shit. I say its fake because we NEVER saw a Wii U that looks even close to as good as that… We were expecting Zelda U to look that but nope we just got another WW style game… Really disappointed… I don’t even think it was the Wii U showing that tech demo.

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      1. Let’s just say the outburst about it is a lot worse than Metroid Prime’s FPS idea. Zelda fans saw something else that they loved and then changed it completely in the opposite way of pleasing fans. Nintendo doing WTF they want over half of what fans expected and want like all the time is exactly why they feel alienated and ignored ala Wii U.


      2. Nah. Personally WW is my favorite game, both gameplay and artsyle. But i like the Zelda U artsyle WAY better, and from what we have seen so far, the gameplay too. I LOVE everything we have seen from it so far. But I do hope that they go with the artsyle from the tech demo for Zelda NX. (That’s just my opinion, you can think whatever you want.)


      3. WW is indeed interesting. My favorite Zelda ever is OoT, which is kinda of au concour. After OoT, TP.

        The Zelda Wii U tech demo is superb. I wish Aonuma followed that art style, but Zelda U is also great.


      4. Pretty much. I was expecting a Wii U somewhere close to that one from the tech demo. But it seems the Wii U underwent a downgrade since 2011.

        Of course, this is a rumor, but it’s never been proven wrong. The author also talks about Xenoblade Chronicles X; it is interesting to see that this title also get severely downgraded since its first trailer:

        My question is: what are the hardware running those demos?

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      5. Dude seriously? Your bringing up the one trailer that trolls use to attempt to make it seem as though Xeno X graphics where downgraded? Even though every other trailer shows a HUGE UPDATE in the graphics, seriously?


      6. You cannot compare it to Watch Dogs or Dark Souls. Ubisoft tried to deceive thier audience by showing off an upgraded version of the game. It wasn’t until after the game was released that people noticed the downgrade. It was deceiving, because people thought they were gonna get a better looking game. With Xenoblade, there have been countless videos of what the game looks like right now. In it’s finished product. There is NO deception at all. A downgrade is not a big deal as long as the developer lets the fans know about it… It’s when a game gets downgraded, and then still gets promoted as the upgraded version that pisses people off… Like Watch Dogs…

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      7. Okay, I take back the comparison. But I still believe that Zelda tech demo and the first XCX trailer either were running in a machine harboring more horsepower, or they were not “in game footage” — which was originally the subject of the thread.


      8. Guess that demo was a waste then. Because I have yet to see anything on the Wii U that comes close to that.


    2. the thing is that tech demo is possible to run on the wii u, these unreal engine 4 zelda or mario tech demos are not possible.


    3. I’ll be honest, that tech demo was pretty amazing Rootgamer. But it does make me wonder, why is it that no game on the Wii U has even come close to the clean and crisp look that this tech demo has. That tech demo was borderline movie looking, at yet we haven’t seen something this close to it yet.

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      1. Bayonetta 2 is one of the cleanest looking games I’ve ever played. It surpasses the Zelda tech demo.


  1. I think that the legend of zelda and metriod the only Nintendo games are that at least look good in unreal engine 4 and not shity like mario


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