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Spike Chunsoft Will Be Developing On Nintendo NX

Spike Chunsoft has announced that it intends to develop titles for the forthcoming Nintendo NX console. The Japanese company has produced some well-known hits including the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon titles and also Etrian Mystery Dungeon. Nintendo has already confirmed that we won’t be hearing any NX announcements until next year which is when they will reveal the system.

“For hardware, we’ll focus on PlayStation 4. After, Nintendo’s new platform, the NX. I would also like to start fully working on Steam.”

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38 thoughts on “Spike Chunsoft Will Be Developing On Nintendo NX”

  1. They said they would be talking about it, but has it been verified that the system (platform actually, which leans to it being more than “just” a console) will in fact be revealed next year? I was under the impression that they merely said they will not be talking about it until next year.

    1. You are correct, they only said the would talk about it. Which could mean only some small tidbits to full on reveal. Some point in 2016 it will be talk about is all we know as timeframe.

      1. That is what I thought… showing it at E3’16 would be great, but my hopes are not up… then again, if they did reveal, what does that mean? Holiday 16 is too fast to me, more like 17, sooooo… is there a precedent with Wii U to gauge reveal to launch?

        1. One thing that is blurring everything is people assuming it is a console and not a handheld. We don’t know what it is so even speculating on reveal date to launch date would not be reasonable at this time. There is past history we can look at but need reveal date first.

          1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

            Or it’s the other way around. It’s people assuming it’s a handheld & not a console. Considering how little Nintendo is trying to actually make the Wii U better than what it is has got me worried the NX will in fact be a console instead of a handheld. After all, why retire the 3DS that is still making a killing in profits while carrying on with the Wii U which is making minimal profits? But as you said, this is all just speculation, including the NX is the next handheld, til Nintendo says otherwise.

            1. Right, speculating is the fun part for most. I just want it reveal or told what it is so the speculating can stop. Some of the things you hear on forums are way out there type of thinking and some is way to simple thinking.

            2. To me, it has to be multiple… as they called it (who said this, Myamoto perhaps?) a platform in that it will be a complete overhaul of their games and the platform meaning (as I’ve interpreted it) is that there will be games that transcend console and handheld, so if you have it on console, it is the same game on the handheld.

              My thinking is, that the console might be at a reasonable pricepoint, but the handheld will be more expensive than usual, the thing is though, they are still developing for the 3DS and will continue to, but many will go for the expensive handheld because we just NEED the new awesome thing. However, it won’t be like they will price people out of games, because they can still get the console version… integration is key for Nintendo to separate themselves in my opinon, coupled with power and a continued focus on online play, which I think Splatoon and Mario Maker are proving they can do differently and still be successful

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          3. I hope Nintendo already thinking and already started work on Pikmin 5 immediately for NX since PIkmin 4 is nearly completed.

            After all Retro didn’t immediately start another game after Tropical Freeze for some dumb reason.

              1. Igniring DK was a Retro game not Nintendo so whats so dumb about. Retro is stupid. Did they immediately start another Metro since Wii, did they Immediately start anothwr DK after Returns? Hell naw. They didnt do shit.

                  1. Where’s retro’s game then? DKTF came out over a year ago? When wooly yarn we been seeing videos on that since 2012. So it doesnt take that damn long just to scrap up a video.

                      1. Yeah it coukd take a long time to make a game but tou can also show it off on trailers like Xenonlade, wooly Yarn, Zelda U, Starfox Splatoons, Bayonetta 2. Where Retro’s game at on the trailer? Thats how you know they aint did shit vs. Who who works in games immediately.

                        1. Yeah, because waiting +2 years for each of those games has worked so well for the fanbase.

                          Seeing how you keep babbling false information, I have no interest in discussing this matter with you any further.

                          1. Yet ignoring people were disappointed about no Zelda U trailer at E3 even though the fan base knew the game was not going on sell anytime soon. It’s to “hype” the fanbase somethung Sony does to get it over 20 million install bases unlike Nintendo. It’s called ,”stratgiesing the market. It worked for Sonym

                            1. “Yet ignoring people were disappointed about no Zelda U trailer at E3”
                              The people is to blame. They said there would be no footage at E3.

                              “somethung Sony does to get it over 20 million install bases”
                              They sold 14 PS4 only having one game worth a shit. And you’re using ‘install base’ wrong.

                              “It worked for Sonym”
                              Sony sold consoles by virtue of owning the PlayStation brand alone, not because of their games.

                              If you want to keep living on your alternative reality, that’s on you, but don’t make it my problem.

                            2. Also ignoring how Playtonic keeps the fanbase on the scoop for their game ever now in then so gamers can stay aware for whats happening. So when the the game goes on sell, gamers will be hyped and aware of the finished product currently in R&D. But Nintendo is the only stupid developer who wouldnt show new updates of Zelda U at E3.

                              1. Yooka-Laylee has an estimate launch date, which is more than what you could say about all those games Nintendo revealed at the beginning of 2013.

                                “But Nintendo is the only stupid developer who wouldnt show new updates of Zelda U at E3.”
                                You’re wrong! Square-Enix didn’t show Zelda at E3 either, yet they get a pass from you! Double standards!

                                1. Will of course they didnt show it off, mot without Nintendo’s permission. Its Nitntendo who has the xopy rights.and the power when they want to show off trailers and when not too. Others would het sued like that pokemon boy did for $5,400.

                                        1. They are a Japanese gaming publisher/developer. They also have localized western games for the Japanese audience like the Witcher 2, Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion, and Dead Island: Riptide to name a few

                                        2. The only thing bad about this NX is Nintendo themselves take too long to max out a system. Just when they starting to get familiar with their Wii U now they have to get used to a more powerful console. What they need to do is stop taking 3 year breaks and work immediately on a game after they complete another one. That way the games can be completed sooner rather than later.

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