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Rumour: The Mii Fighter Amiibo Could Be Toys R Us Exclusive

This is only a rumour at present but it would seem as though the Mii Fighter amiibo collection of figurines could well be exclusive to Toys R Us. Toys for Games recently tweeted an image showing the figures with a Toys R Us exclusive logo over them. As I said before it’s only a rumour at present, but it doesn’t sound too far fetched going by other amiibo. Guess we shall have to wait and see!

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

13 thoughts on “Rumour: The Mii Fighter Amiibo Could Be Toys R Us Exclusive”

  1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    This better stay a damn rumor. Otherwise, Nintendo hasn’t learned a damn thing over the last year.

  2. Even though this really ticks me off and burns my biscuits if it’s true, I must say that these Mii fighter amiibo’s are my least favorite. I really don’t even care about them. Because they’re not specific characters. Like, why didn’t Nintendo let people have a custom amiibo of their own personal Mii’s be put on these figures instead? That’s what they were originally talking like they were going to do (but not with these ones in particular). What ever happened to that idea?

    Now back to my rant……..DAMN THESE STORE EXCLUSIVES! Why is Nintendo Of America doing this to us North Americans? It’s not this way anywhere else in the world but here. I’m freakin’ SICK OF IT! ESPECIALLY when they’re a Toys R Us exclusive. OF ALL STORES! I have no Toys R Us in my area. And they have the worst shipping department I’ve ever seen when shipping amiibo’s. They nearly always arrive damaged when I order from Toys R Us. When I ordered my 2 Lucario amiibo’s, the idiots who packed them put them in the box sideways and smashed down the outer cardboard on the figure boxes (when there was plenty of room to lay them flat in the box). I never saw anything more careless and stupid in my life. I got a refund on them and still kept the amiibo’s.

    1. If the BB rumour is true, then the 4 exclusives at a time rumour is also true. With Gamestop ditching Shulk’s exclusivity, the retro 3 pack and Ness make up their current 4 exclusives, and if TRU ditches Greninja and Lucario, then with BJ and the Miis, they too will only have 4 current exclusives. Considering how quickly the Shulk and restocks at TRU rumour was unearthed to be true, I’d hazard to guess that the BB one is also true.

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