Sonic Dash Has Had More Than 140 Million Downloads On Mobile

Sonic Dash is concrete proof that established IP’s do well on mobile as SEGA has announced today that the game has had more than 140 million downloads on mobile devices. In total it is had more than 40 million extra downloads in just 4 months. Sonic Dash was created by a team of only 15 people and it took just eight months to complete. It should be interesting to see how Nintendo’s forthcoming mobile titles faire, but it seems likely that they will be a massive success.

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      1. I can picture our great Empire using the funds from mobile to take more risks and have more big-budget games like Xenoblade X.

          1. >>>One major “betrayal” doesn’t mean civilian conversion to the fullest>>>

              1. >>>Still “ONE” failure, not the end of anything unless the NX proves to be just as useless from the viewpoint of sales/reception from real gamers>>>

                1. Based on what I hear, NX isn’t even going to be on par with the likes of PS4 in tech terms so already it’s gonna be a fucking joke stuck on repeat until many has realized Nintendo has gone to hell along with all things gaming and just leave to let the industry rot.

                  1. >>>Rumours are rumours and shall never be taken seriously regardless of reasons>>>

                    >>>And it’s what you do with your technology that defines your product in the end, not power alone>>>

                2. Actually two since the Wii is heavily seen as a failure by hardcore gamers & has resulted in the Wii U being viewed as another casual console.

                  1. >>>The Wii was regarded as a civilian nonsense partially due to the Xbot and Sonyan multimedia graphics nonsense agenda they pulled back then>>>

      1. >>>The Segans are dead, the Konamians are not far away>>>

        >>>The Electrons will not die anytime soon because of the slaves buying their garbage>>>

  1. And we should at least also point out that despite Sonic Dash’s “success” Sonic is still completely irrelevant as a character in real games, so don’t expect mobile to help bring Nintendo a massive uptick in conventional console sales.

    1. well, Sega does make consoles so that doesn’t necessarily equate to Nintendo. Sonic is a dead game to me, but 140 million downloads is significant

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