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Medabots 9 Will Be Coming To The Nintendo 3DS

In a preview of this week’s Famitsu magazine, there has been details surrounding a release of a new Medabots title named Medabots 9 for the Nintendo 3DS. There’s very few details at the moment, other than the new title will be released in two versions, Medabots 9 Kabuto and Medabots 9 Kuwagata. There’s also information on the titles having the added feature of 3-on-3 battles. Here’s a snippet of the Famitsu preview, posted by Gematsu:medabots-9-preview

This news has come very closely after the release of the Game Boy Advance Medabots titles, Medabots: Metabee and Medabots: Rokusho on the Wii U virtual console. What do you think of Medabots 9 coming to the 3DS?

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10 thoughts on “Medabots 9 Will Be Coming To The Nintendo 3DS”

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  2. @everyone else who commented, metabots still regularly gets new games in Japan, this is the third 3ds metabots game. They just stopped localizing metabots part way through gba days

  3. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    Until just recently, I thought Medabots had been buried by Pokemon. Just like Power Rangers did to Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog, Beetleborgs, & VR Troopers. @.@

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