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Amazon Begins Selling Wii U Again

In case you don’t own a Wii U yet, you now have the option of purchasing one from Amazon. That’s right – Amazon has begun selling Nintendo’s latest console again. The online retailer currently has the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Set in stock. Priced at $299.99, this bundle includes the 32GB version of the console along with a pre-installed copy of Mario Kart 8. It also features all of the racing game’s downloadable content (DLC), which consists of six new characters, eight new vehicles and 16 new tracks in total.

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28 thoughts on “Amazon Begins Selling Wii U Again”

  1. Ok, if I had to make a list things that really annoy me about Nintendo, it’s (in no particular order)….
    1. Them never making anything other than a stupid black and white console (I miss the N64 days of multiple colors).
    2. Never making a higher GB console
    3. The price STILL not really going down much (if at all) since launch.
    4. The heavy, bulky, Gamepad. Worst controller of all consoles (though the Wii remote is a near tie).
    5. Having hardly no third-party support as they promised.
    6. Making console bundles with pre-installed games instead of physical copies. That’s so ASS!

    I could probably write several more things. But these are just the quickest things I could think of. The Wii U had SO much potential. But even with all of the reasons I can think of (poor advertising, bad name, etc.) I’m still not quite sure why it’s failing so bad compared to the competition? Or why so many third party companies abandoned it? I’m sad to say that my Wii U has been more of a dust collector than my Wii has been. I have several games for it, but just never feel like playing for some reason. I suppose if I wasn’t doing so much video editing on my computer, I might have more play time. But I’d probably go back to my PS3 and play one of my many games on there instead. Something really screwy is going on. (o _ 0)

    1. They already stated why there hasn’t been another price drop. The first one was 50.00 as the console was 349.00. Colors would be nice. Nintendo cannot force third parties to make games even though there are some third party games but they may not interest you. Also Indies are third party developers so there is no lying there. I do not like pre installed games but it helps them cut cost but doesn’t help consumers who like physical copies. If they made the console more than 32 GB then price go up. It’s not the same type of hard drive in PS4 and Xbox One. As for the so called heavy bulky gamepad that’s light as a feather and perfect for my hands, to each their own.

      1. Yea I love the gamepad, and I hope it always is available to buy, if not as just an accessory. It’s light, has a freakin touch screen on it, it’s so useful!! (That was a horribly constructed sentence.)

        1. The Gamepad is NOT light! Compare it with the Pro Controller (which is SO much better) and you know how much heavier it is that a regular controller. Any time a game forces the Gamepad on a person, I literally have to force myself through the game.

            1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

              If he has as little time to play games as he says he does, even if the Gamepad is heavy to him, it’s not like he’ll be playing a game that uses it for hours on end to make the weight a problem. But at the same time, I would play using the Gamepad for many hours but I never had a problem with it’s weight as I was able to rest it in my lap like any other controller when my hands/arms did get tired. So I’m just as baffled by people complaining about the Gamepad being heavy.

            2. 1. I would agree with you, but it’s pretty much a moot point since I wouldn’t be inclined to trade in my current black Wii U for a colored one. Different colors are more to draw in customers who don’t already own the console, not early adopters

              2. Absolutely agree, although it would have driven the price of the console up, probably by $100. Still a valid point. I buy physical copies of all my games, but since Nintendo started releasing Wii games on the Wii U, it has become more of a problem for me, and I’m finally shopping around for a HDD.

              3. I’m inclined to disagree here. At $300 with a pack-in game, that’s undeniably good value for your dollar. Only someone with utter contempt for the system would argue that that’s a rip-off, especially given that it’s still substantially less expensive than the competition.

              4. Love the gamepad, and I think you are in the minority. Most Wii-U owners appreciate off-TV play and make ample use of it. Another great feature is, in two player mode, one player looking at the TV, and one player looking at the gamepad, thus avoiding splitscreen mode. I hope the NX builds upon this functionality in some capacity.

              5. Agreed that this is a problem. Again, I love the gamepad, but in a way this was their downfall. If they hadn’t included the gamepad, they could have made a more powerful system for the same price. A more powerful system would have attractive 3rd party developers, which would have led to more system sales. I am perplexed that even still, given rumors that the NX will be less powerful than the PS4/XBO (history repeats itself, Nintendo seems not to care. The fans complain, but Nintendo seems uninterested in changing its trajectory. This is very perplexing to me. They claim to care about 3rd party support but won’t take even the most basic steps to secure it.

              6. Yeah. Given that I am partial to physical copies of games, and also that the Wii U has a pint-sized harddrive, I’m inclined to agree.

              A few of your other points are spot on. The name continues to be problematic, as well as the way it was advertised. I hope they drop the Wii brand this following generation (and I’m confident that they will), and in terms of marketing the console, they were so keen on marketing the gamepad that, as we all know, people thought the Wii U was just an accessory (i.e., the gamepad itself), and Nintendo never really made solid effort to reverse this misconception. I try to tell people what a great system the Wii U is, and it’s like their ears don’t work. They just respond by saying that they already own a Wii. Nintendo seems to have responded by promoting software over hardware, i.e., if you want to play Splatoon or Super Mario Maker, you go into the store and learn that you have to buy a Wii U first. Whether this is effective or just leads to frustration, I have no idea.

              I have to say that my experience seems to have been the opposite of yours. I found the Wii to be much more gimmicky and underwhelming than the Wii U. The Wii had some phenomenal exclusives, but the Wii U’s exclusives are more plentiful. The lack of Metroid is damn near unforgiveable, but the N64 didn’t have a Metroid either. Life goes on I suppose. I think the Wii’s potential as a serious gamer’s console was pretty much overshadowed by Wii Sports, and it cemented Nintendo’s reputation as a casual gamer’s console. I’m glad that when Nintendo tried to repeat the same strategy with the Wii U that it failed quickly and that it backed away from that approach–at least to some extent–and it seems to be moving on to something else with the NX.

              I think Nintendo should cast off it’s family friendly image and carve out a few other niches for itself. Honestly, I don’t think it can compete right now in the console race as a hardcore gaming console because Sony and Microsoft have already got that market cornered, so I think some of the people here need to get real. That said, if it were to get its footing in a few key niches, that isn’t to say it couldn’t compete head on in the future. I think Nintendo should market itself in three ways, again dropping the family friendly image because family friendly isn’t “cool” and people like to think of gaming as cutting edge and forming a part of their identity and “family friendly” just doesn’t cut it. Nintendo hasn’t quite grasped this yet. Anyway, Nintendo should cater to its strengths in three particular ways. 1. It should be more Japan-centric. Nintendo already has a lot of partnerships and close relationships with Japanese developers but it hasn’t marketed itself this way. Koei Tecmo, Bandai Namco, Platinum, and Sega all come to mind. It needs to double its efforts here. 1. It should be more indie-centric. The e-shop has a decent number of games, but nothing close to what you might see on Steam. They really need to play aggressive in this regard and given its foray in to mobile, maybe they will. 3. Finally, about half of my Wii U games are 4 player games. Sure this is good for families to play to together. But this is also good for parties, college kids living in dorm rooms, single thirty-somethings. There are so many untapped markets here. Nintendo should have dominated these markets with the Wii U, and then taken on Sony and Microsoft with its next console, thereby dominating the entire gaming market and then reigning supreme once again like it did in the late eighties and early nineties.

              In the end, the Wii U probably could have been a gargantuan success. The true failure here was Nintendo’s marketing team, which deserves to be fired.

          1. In case you don’t own a Wii U yet, know this: Its a waste of money and the gaming library (whatever the fuck its got left anyway) is pathetic. You’re beyond better off buying a 3DS or even the Wii since since both are cheaper and have a lot more better games.

              1. Thats exactly what a dumbass blind denier would say. Look it up. Wii U is fucked and Nintendo ditched the hardcore for fucking casuals plus ruining franchises of their own (Metroid) to please those fucking casuals.

                And you’re telling me “not to listen to myself”..why?

            1. i have been very happy with my wii u. i have spent thousands of dollars on games and amiibo. nintendo sure can’t please everyone, but they have full access to my bank account. what is the other option ps4 or xbox? i don’t play shooting games or sports games.

            2. say it costs you $20 to go see a movie in the theatre. that lasts for 2 hours. so you paid $10/hr for entertainment. you would only have to play mario kart for thirty hours to get the same value, entertainment to money quota. i’ve played over 200 hours of mario kart so i think i did quite well with my wii u purchase.

                1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                  Meh. My refurbished Wii U from has already been shipped so I’m good. That & I’ve already paid for Mario Kart 8 AND it’s DLC back when the game first released. Just have to transfer my data from my broken Wii U into the refurbished one. If Nintendo had actually adopted a fucking Cloud system for the Wii U, I could just send in my broken Wii U without the fear of the idiots there fucking up my save data & just pay around 100 bucks for a brand new Gamepad since unfortunately I fucking need the damn thing to even use my Wii U. Hopefully the NX will move away from forced gimmicks & go back to optional controllers. Instead of thinking of a new revolutionary way to play games, just update the current fucking controllers & be done with it. Now’s the time to actually catch up to the rest of the gaming world right now while people are wanting power over alternate controllers. Wait too long & people will be wanting new controllers while Nintendo is focusing on power again & once again end up trying to play catch up to everyone else.

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