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A Wii U Emulator Has Been Released For Windows 10

Yes, there’s now a working Wii U emulator for Windows 10. The program is called Cemu and was shared over on the GBATemp forums. As you would expect it runs Wii U titles at a resolution of 1920×1080 and features full keyboard controls. The emulator is still a work in progress as there’s no audio and certain games crash, although it can run games such as New Super Mario Bros U and NES Remix. However, certain games aren’t working such as Super Mario 3D World. Nintendo clearly won’t be too happy about this development.

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37 thoughts on “A Wii U Emulator Has Been Released For Windows 10”

    1. “Contains basically no optimizations. Expect slow framerates and long load times.” yep thought so, it’s still very much a beta, you probably can’t get it running properly no matter how much you brute force it. Nintendo will have retired the wii u by the time this is ready so they have nothing to fear.

      1. Also, touch screen computers are a thing and they could just substitute the gamepad touchscreen for a touchpad or one of those drawing board thingies. It’s not impossible.

        (Agreeing with you by the way)

  1. This is may not make Nintendo too happy at the moment, but it is definitely making me really happy. Even though it is buggy; it is the only way I can play Wii U games, since my stepmom took away all of my electronics minus my laptop and cell phone (which luckily enough for me my laptop is running the Windows 10 operating system. :P )

    1. I dunno what you did to deserve that but your stepmom sounds like a bitch. A doubt a laptop can run the Wii U emulator tho. To emulate something you need at least twice the power of the thing you’re emulating. It’s tricky dicky and not recommended atm. Go get back your Wii U even if you have to kiss her ass.

    2. Learn to actually do your homework and not potty mouth your elders. You’ll get worse then that treatment in real life.

      Be glad you don’t live in England where calling the police names can get you nicked.

    1. Wii U doesn’t use “roms”. No disc based console does. They have their own format. Which is a type of Blu Ray disc format. If you can figure out how to rip them or play them directly in your computer you could probably use your actual games. But why the hell would you? lol They work perfectly on a Wii U. And considering how shitty the emulator currently is I say just wait until Wii U goes on sale.

  2. I’m not against emulators in principle – I’m a massive fan of things like TAS and the like that emulators make possible. There is something that strikes me as fundamentally wrong about having an emulator for a console that is still within its lifecycle though.

  3. The emulator may be out now, but it will be completely unplayable to the average person for many years to come. If you really want to emulate the whole two games that it works with right now, go for it, but it’ll be really slow (like not even 20% normal speed) and like the post says, no sound. It’s the same reason no one’s jumped on the 3DS emulator yet. It’s out, but it only works for a couple games and it still runs like crap. Don’t expect this to be run anywhere near full speed within this decade.

  4. Now let me know when we can actually play the games on PC. All of them crash at the opening screen. It’ll be years until then. Wii emulation is not even perfected yet and the Xbox 360 emulator hardly works.

    1. Actually it’s a lack of interest. Everybody is developing or redeveloping emulators for phones only as they along with big industry thinks that everybody should be in social media smart phone land and not give a rats ass otherwise or you must be a hidden terrorist!

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  6. Realistically, it will take years for this to run a broad range of games at an acceptable standard. It took years for Dolphin to reach that stage. I had more interest in Wii emulation because it allowed gaming in 1080p instead of 480p, but that’s not a factor here. I could also map the motion controls to an Xbox controller for a more traditional gaming experience. Wii U emulation doesn’t really hold any appeal for me.

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