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Falco Is Best Buy Exclusives, Pre-Orders Going On Now

Update: Technical issues have been fixed! Pre-orders are officially open.

If you are an amiibo hunter or you main Falco, make sure to get on your computers. A press release from Best Buy has informed us that Falco is going to be Best Buy exclusive — and that the pre-orders are happening right now! While they are still hammering out some technical issues with pre-order, quantities are limited to one-per-customer with mandatory in-store pick-ups. Falco will be officially released November 20th — there is no indication whether there will be more in stock for those who missed the pre-order.

So if you want to pre-order, here is the link!



  1. Got it!; :D
    One of the last few I’m buying. Glad I saw this post.
    JUST in case I need it in Starfox 0

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