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US: Get Mario Party 10 For $35 At Amazon And Best Buy

It isn’t too late to crash Mario’s latest party, and what better way than to do it at a discount? Retailers Amazon and Best Buy are offering Mario Party 10 for $35, which is $15 off the original price. If this deal looks familiar, it’s because both retailers have the same promotion going on for Splatoon right now. If you’ve been holding off on either, act fast, as the deal is set to end this Saturday.


6 thoughts on “US: Get Mario Party 10 For $35 At Amazon And Best Buy”

  1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    Call me when they go back to the Mario Party games that aren’t catering to casuals. Oh & has online play! Don’t know if this game has online. Don’t care enough about this to even bother finding out.

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