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Nintendo Stock Surges Following Pokémon GO Investment

It seems like investors are growing more confident in Nintendo as of late — while Nintendo suffered a fairly substantial stock drop in the Fall, that trend has turned around quite rapidly following their investment in Niantic. As you can see from the chart below, the investment which occurred only two days ago has led to a 4% jump in the stock price — the current peak under new Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima.

Stock Nintendo Fall 2015

Speaking to Bloomberg news, Tokyo financial analyst Tomoaki Kawasaki said:

The shares are going up because of the announcement of the investment. It shows that Nintendo is making a strong effort to develop smartphone games.

Of course, Niantic is not the first mobile investment for Nintendo — they also have their partnership with Japanese mobile developer DeNA which should come to fruition soon. Since their first announcement of exploring the mobile market, Nintendo’s stock has more than doubled.

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29 thoughts on “Nintendo Stock Surges Following Pokémon GO Investment”

    1. It’s when Kimishima was announced as the CEO — my guess was there was a loss in confidence. I think they could have picked anyone in-house and it would have had the same reaction — would have went up if they hired outside the company.

      1. Yeah, the designation of someone as old as Kimishima doesn’t exactly generate trust on investors. His declarations about following the path set by Iwata probably didn’t help either.

          1. PC Master Race Agent Narud

            ||You are as delusional as the servants of the flawed, without us, your defective country ceases to be……

              1. PC Master Race Agent Narud

                ||Money is of no importance, we control every country and powers on this world, your arguments are loud but hollowed……

                1. “Money is of no importance”…
                  Oh, you mean the thing that allows fair trade and keeps the gaming industry, along with every other industry, running? Yep, doesn’t seem that important.

  1. Kinda sad to see how it’s mobile games that raise Nintendo’s stock, instead of actual games for their dedicated consoles. Sad days indeed.

    1. Well, I’d agree but there hasn’t been a ton of games (especially this Fall) to brag about lately, especially in light of other successful games in the industry on other platforms. Mobile and NX are really the only thing selling the stock at the moment because they don’t have too much in the pipeline.

      1. That’s exactly the point – Nintendo not having much to brag about other than the NX, a video game system that’s still more than a year away we know next to nothing about, and a mobile game.

    2. Well, Nintendo is about to enter in a new market, thats kind of a big deal, when mobile games came out they ate a lot of sales for the 3DS, the Vita and the Wii U (and maybe other consoles, but I’m not sure which ones), if they want to regain that money and boost their customers, they must jump into this market.

      And who knows, maybe with Nintendo getting into this it might mean the death of Shovelware (but thats just hoping).

      1. It ain’t the death of shovelware because it’ll still happen and it is still happening regardless of Nintendo moving in or not.

        It’s the death of all sane and fun gaming in general. Now it’s gonna be about who scams the most idiots and which platform: Apple or that POS Android that doesn’t even secure its own ass.

    3. Well, you can thank them for fucking it up since Wii happened. Hardcore’s are gone, everything casual is a poison to gaming since Xbox and Go! is just an overhyped app waiting to scam the biggest fools from the mobile side when it comes with so many IAPs shoved up the ass..guaranteed.

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      1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

        Kids haven’t changed at all. They still think they know more than their elders. *pats Brandon’s little head* I’ve been in this industry since before you were saying mommy & daddy so I know a lot more than you, kiddie. You’ll grow out of this fantasy world of yours some day.

  3. And why or how is this Nintendo’s gain when they’re not even gonna see a major portion from that app’s sales? AND knowing for a fact that this overhyped “game” is gonna be riddled with con IAP charges which makes it even worse to think about.

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