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Video: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Overview Trailer

Following on from our earlier post disclosing new details on Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, Nintendo has posted a new trailer on the Nintendo UK Wii U YouTube channel.

The trailer is an overview of the game, and shows various different characters in action such as Mario, Donkey Kong, Toad, Luigi, Daisy, and Yoshi. It also shows a few seconds of the amiibo functionality and also which controllers will be compatible with the title.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is due for release on November 20th.


13 thoughts on “Video: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Overview Trailer”

  1. I’m extremely happy they are finally giving this game some exposure. I was wondering what was being added & especially ONLINE PLAY!! Making this a day one purchase fir me.

  2. awesome indeed. But I wish the make some extreme levels, like one on a pick of a voulcan, a lot of fire passing by and explosions, and more fire, or a level on a cloud, you could see the castle underneath, something like these, but btw those current levels are nice.

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  4. Shit looks great, no lie But i don’t know about going back to playing mario tennis again, i think I grew pass that.. looks fucking fun tho.. maybe later ill pick it up

  5. looks like mario tennis ultra smash will have a online mode and a amiibo port in this game yeah this game will be going well once its release and i can’t wait for this game to be release in the US by the way i wonder if this game can have a rainbow course again.

      1. Yes, that guy. And he even mentioned a comment that I was apart of. Don’t know whether I should be angry or happy about this free publicity.

  6. As cool as some of these features look, it doesn’t look as good as Mario Power Tennis on the GameCube. That was an amazing game

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