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Here’s The New Gameplay Trailer For Yo-Kai Watch

If you’re still wondering what exactly Yo-Kai Watch is, it might be a good idea to check out its new gameplay trailer. You can also give it a try via the recently-released demo version of the game, in which players are tasked with using their Yo-Kai Watch item to find three trouble-making Yo-Kai creatures to bring peace back to the town of Springdale. The demo is available now on the Nintendo eShop, while the full game will be released in North America on November 6 for Nintendo 3DS.


2 thoughts on “Here’s The New Gameplay Trailer For Yo-Kai Watch”

  1. Crap I forgot the demo came out yesterday, I need to try it out.

    I wonder how well this game will fair here, given how much they’re investing into it. That would suck something awful if it just fails miserably.

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