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Survey: Over 50% Of Japanese Gamers Prefer English Voices In Localised Western Games


Japanese publication Gamespark recently ran a survey asking Japanese gamers which language they prefer in localised western titles. Interestingly, those who were surveyed were split with just over 50 percent of them stating that they prefer to have English voices in localised games such as The Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto V. You can check out the final results of the survey, below.


  • Japanese Voices – 49.51%
  • English Voices (Original) – 50.49%Reasons for choosing Japanese voices:
  • “Can’t concentrate on playing the game when you need to read the subtitles.”
  • “Easier to understand when it’s in Japanese voices.”Reasons for choosing English voices:
  • “It’s more fun to enjoy the game in original atmosphere.”
  • “It also helps my English study.”

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30 thoughts on “Survey: Over 50% Of Japanese Gamers Prefer English Voices In Localised Western Games”

    1. Nintendo Magistrate: Lance Bulmer

      this is why i like japan unlike britain with there weeaboos its fucking annoying you speak english so have an ENGLISH game! Good on you Japan next girl im going for is going to be japanese

  1. I prefer to play the games and watch shows with the original voice over too.
    Localized voice over has to be really good for me to use it.

  2. I like my video games in english, if it does have a really good voiceover.
    And i like my anime in japanese, because that way i can practice japanese while watching it and understand it bit by bit.

        1. That is true but i was saying that using only anime to learn japanese is not a good way to learn japanese unless he also take lesson in japanese and use anime to practice a little bit then i have no problem

          1. I never said i was learning japanese from watching anime…
            I am taking classes, but i do watch anime in japanese to keep understanding it and practice my understanding of it.
            It is true though that i shouldnt rely on anime since its not accurately correct as how they talk and all that. This has been tought to me by my teacher Ayumi (love her name and how nice she is with me :3).
            And she has tought me a lot of stuff and it’s fun :D

          2. Nintendo Magistrate: Lance Bulmer

            fan subs dont translate it spot on they have to add a swear in or alter it so it suits there style my friend does subtitled shows and he’s actually japanese so his work is completly accurate unlike the other fansubbers out there

          3. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

            They only words you are probably. Damn, shit, thank you, yes master, yes, bye. Those are the must fucking common words.

          4. Because dumbs are usually dumb, no matter what language they are dubbed into. If something was originally English watch it in fucking English if it was originally Japanese watch in Japanese. I know most of you ducks don’t understand Japanese so you wouldn’t know but there’s lots of culture that gets lost when dubbing into English as well. It’s not as natural. Just as it’s weird seeing American movies dubbed into Japanese. LIVE ACTION TOO. FUCK that shit…

            1. Bitch i don’t give a flying fuck what culture gets lost. It’s not MY culture is it? I’m not gonna watch a game in a language I don’t understand just to understand a culture I don’t give a shit about… Fucking idiot

          5. I makes sense. I like both subs and dubs, but I appreciate the effort that goes into localising a game and the voice work that goes along with it.

          6. Interesting. I think it is just that “authentic” feeling that players gets when they play a game from a specific country that uses voice actors from that said country. Typically, characters are written and designed with certain ethnically prescribed traits and characteristics. So when they speak in the same language and carry over that same tone as they were designed, it fits the characters better.

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