Here’s The North American Box-Art For Devil’s Third


Nintendo has given us the first glimpse at the typically bad ass box-art for the mixed reviewed title, Devil’s Third. The game launched in Europe on August 28th and instantly divided critics over its dated gameplay and visuals. Devil’s Third will be coming to North America on December 11th and if you are interested you can read our review of the game, right here.



  1. If anyone who is judging the game without playing it, you can’t really. I have the game is a lot of fun to play. Online is a blast, so is the campaign. There’s plenty of match types to play on it. I do have footage of it if anyone wants to check it out!

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    1. In the military, battles that are generally small portions of a much larger War, are known as campaigns. Campaigns are pretty well exclusive to shooters that follow a more “serious” setting and tone, so rather than it being a story of the characters, it is their campaign during the course of whatever war they are in. It fits, but it really does sound kinda funny with everyone else using story mode.


  2. Wow. First time I’ve disliked the NA cover art over the Japanese and EU cover art.

    I think it has to do with the awkwardness that the shading imposes on the onlooker and the misplaced symbol-thing in the background hidden in the fire. Makes the cover seem too asymmetrical in terms of visual weight.

    The standouts to me are the glasses, which are impressively done and the title, which is on all the covers anyway.

    The rest is dull and seems, perhaps, rushed, if I am being honest.


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