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Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Will Have New Modes To Help Newcomers

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is out soon in Europe and Japan for the Nintendo 3DS. Those who haven’t experienced a Mario & Luigi title will be pleased to learn that there’s some new modes to help newcomers to the series. Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is due to be released in Europe on December 4th.

  • Easy Mode, as the name suggests, will help make things a little bit less daunting – by increasing character strength to raise odds in battle.
  • The Assist Mode, however, simply shows which enemies are on the firing line in battle.


4 thoughts on “Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Will Have New Modes To Help Newcomers”

  1. Good, optional modes instead of making it easy. This will appease the people who are always complaining about no hardcore games. Well, it will if Mario & Luigi is hard… if it’s not then it’s Super Easy Mode they’re adding on.

  2. I hope they make the tutorials optional too, they were the only thing I didn’t like in Dream Team, anyway I love these games and Paper Jam was the reason I wasn’t even mildly upset about Nintendo’s last e3.

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