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VIZ Media Believes That Yo-kai Watch Will Become The Next Pokemon

VIZ Media, the team that is charge of Yo-kai Watch’s comics and the TV show in North America and Europe, is confident that Yo-Kai Watch will become the next Pokemon. Clearly the team over at VIZ Media has extremely high expectations regarding how well the franchise will perform in North America and Europe once the game is released. Yo-Kai Watch is coming to the United States on November 6th and has seen huge demand in Japan.

“This will be the next big boys’ brand, essentially the next Pokémon. We have very high expectations for the market and for the UK. We are certainly bigger than Pokémon in Japan; we currently have 95 per cent market share in that region.”

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29 thoughts on “VIZ Media Believes That Yo-kai Watch Will Become The Next Pokemon”

    1. Not unless it doubles the 3DS’s life span, evolves Level 5 into a multi-billion dollar company, and gives over 600 kids epileptic seizures.

    2. I love the games but people aren’t as smart as they seem to think. Especially not kids with over protective parents. The franchise is as Japanese as kids media could get, no matter how much they Americanize it will still be Japanese. And that’s how they are trying to market it, by dumbing down the culture. It will do good but nowhere as good as it has done in Asia.

      I do hope the games do well but beating Pokémon outside Japan? I think not. Pokémon has a huge adult fanbase that will buy 3DS/Nintendo games while Yokai Watch is new and doesn’t have many fans of any age here yet.

    3. Too niche.
      It may be popular for a while, but I don’t think it’s going to be a series that’s built to endure. Especially considering they’re pumping out the games so fast, it’s almost like they’re TRYING to exhaust it’s popularity.

    4. No, nothing will live on like Pokemon. Digimon may still be alive but it was never able to compete with the Pokephenomenon

        1. I know right? Our lord and savior Lanky Christ shall make his triumphant return upon this barren, wasted and sorrowful land with no style nor grace. As long as the faith in the dong exists, I am certain that the Lord is prone to listen our prayers.

          “Remember, let the Dong be the word, and the word be Lanky.”

      1. I don’t think it’ll be very popular outside of Japan. It feels like a game that belongs on a smartphone. You don’t even have direct control over your monsters. You can only control their “ultimate” attacks.
        Mobile (phone) games are popular in Japan, but not here. I’m sure it won’t fail here in the west, but it sure as hell won’t replace Pokemon.

      2. I haven’t played it yet but from the trailers I’ve seen and the way they compare it to Pokemon I have to assume they kinda ripped off the series. There currently isn’t a main series Pokemon game to compete with Yo-Kai Watch, so it being more popular seems baseless, especially since the games that have come out lately have been side games of big franchises that nobody wanted. So congrats to them for being more popular than Tri Force Heroes but I don’t see them lasting and being as popular in 20 years, especially since there’s likely a big main series title coming out next year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon.

        1. Also worth mentioning: the TV series here in the US is aired on Disney XD, a sub channel to Disney Channel. Disney has never been known for its anime titles, they actually ruined some with their dubs (My Neighbor Totoro for example), putting it on there probably wasn’t the best choice over, say, Cartoon Network. Even Nickelodeon would’ve been better since they had an Americanized anime (Avatar). Disney XD isn’t on basic cable and I haven’t seen any advertisements for it on the main Disney Channel.

        2. If you played the game, you’d know it’s nothing like Pokémon. So your assumptions are pretty far off, the gameplay is totally different and how you collect Yo-kai is completely different.

        3. I’m doubtful of this, mainly because Pokémon has built a long standing brand that will be hard to topple, no matter how crappy it becomes.

          I wish it did though, so maybe Game Freak can make a good Pokémon game for once, and I don’t mean good as in the series, I mean a good fully polished game in general. How they cannot hire more staff is beyond me, if their current staff are not competent enough to fix the issues with their Pokémon games.

          Have you guys seen how good Yo-kai Watch looks and runs? It’s also in full 3D, and there aren’t any frame drops. Pokémon games have been the same for far too long and have very little improvements to them.

          Some of these problems still exist in OR/AS from X/Y, and don’t get me wrong they look good, but they don’t look nearly as good or polished as Yo-kai Watch does, to be having frame rate issues like they do.

          Game Freak really gets on my nerves with that, and considering they don’t work on too many other games and have stockpiles of money from Pokémon games, it’s a bit more upsetting they don’t care more about things like this. Unless it’s a game breaking bug, they don’t care about fixing it. And how many people have constantly complained about the frame rate problems in the newer Pokémon games, too many for it to still be a problem.

        4. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

          As much as I would love for this to come true because Game Freak could really use a good kick in the fucking ass to do better than what they are doing with Pokemon games, I’m starting to worry it won’t come to be. Like WWE, Game Freak seems pretty content with giving us a mediocre product because most of their competition is dead or dying. *sigh* I wish they could be more like Saban. Unlike Game Freak, Saban tries their damnedest to make sure each new generation of Power Rangers is just as good, if not better, than the last even though they crushed most of their competition & don’t really need to try so hard. If a previous generation was bad, they try to rectify it by trying to do better next time. They are the exact opposite of Game Freak.

          Just like Disney is to Nintendo. Why? Because unlike Nintendo which focuses on kids & casual while screwing over adults & hardcore, Disney does it’s best to cater to both sides of the spectrum. Disney aren’t a bunch of assholes, like Don Mattrick, telling people “If you don’t like how we do things, tough shit! Deal with it or go somewhere else!” But I digress. This is about Game Freak’s bullshit, not Nintendo’s.

        5. Hell no, Pokémon is too big to destroy. That’s like saying that Atari is still a big competitor to Nintendo, it’s just not true. Plus most of Nintendo’s fanbase are of people who grew up with Nintendo, so everyone ever. Ask a 6 year old kid if they can name any Pokémon, there’s a good chance they can. Ask that same kid if they can name a Yokai, there is a very, very slim chance they actually can.

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