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Famitsu: Here’s Japan’s Favourite RPG Series

Wondering which RPG series Japanese gamers favour the most? Well, Famitsu has run a customer poll asking which series they prefer above others and the results are nothing short of surprising. The top three RPG series as voted by readers of Famitsu are Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy and Pokemon. You can view the top ten in its entirety, below.

  1. Dragon Quest series – 366 votes
  2. Final Fantasy series – 361 votes
  3. Pokemon series – 135 votes
  4. Tales of series – 84 votes
  5. Shin Megami Tensei series – 44 votes
  6. Persona series – 41 votes
  7. SaGa series – 29 votes
  8. Kingdom Hearts series – 23 votes
  9. Suikoden series – 22 votes
  10. Mother series – 19 votes


39 thoughts on “Famitsu: Here’s Japan’s Favourite RPG Series”

        1. Nope, there’s a reason why the FF13 Arc lasted 3 entries. Although, keep in mind that this is from a single publication.

          Famitsu is a force in Japan though so this does hold some weight to it.

      1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

        Whelp, I now understand why so many of my friends in Japan own Slimes. Regular slimes, Plush slimes, Limited edition Silver Slimes, etc… I liked Tales series because of the non traditional fighting system. Key word; Traditional===Japan.

          1. Thought Persona would have been higher. I suppose Atlus (and Nintendo) did get two series on there though, so that’s an accomplishment in itself.

              1. To be fair, Persona is only labeled as SMT in the West. It’s a marketing thing. As far a Japanese people know, although Persona originated as a SMT spin-off, it is now its own franchise, not a sub-series.

            1. Pokemon would probably be higher on the list if Nintendo brought the game to home consoles. Both Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy have up to date console games with amazing beautiful visuals. The best Pokemon has ever looked is on the 3ds with X and Y. In other words, Ps2 graphics…(ok maybe a little better) Nintendo is so terrified (or stubborn?) of taking Pokemon off handhelds they are essentially letting the series fall behind…

              1. Because even Nintendo knows Pokemon is way too short, simple and casual for a home console game. Even on the competitive side, it’s better to have it on handheld.

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