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Zero Escape 3 Will Be Called Zero Time Dilemma In The West

Aksys Games has recently announced that the long-awaited Zero Escape 3 will be renamed Zero Time Dilemma when it comes to the west next year. The visual novel for the Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation Vita will be out in the summer in the United States and Europe and will be available as both a digital and physical release in the United States and digital only in Europe.

Building on the success of its predecessors, Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, and Virtue’s Last Reward, series mastermind Kotaro Uchikoshi has pulled out all the stops to deliver the most compelling and mind shredding gaming experience ever seen on a handheld platform. Choice is your only method of salvation and your only means of escape. How much of your humanity will you sacrifice to earn your freedom? As a new age of ruin looms large on the horizon, you must make impossible decisions and weather unimaginable consequences as you straddle the line between absolution and damnation. Plan your escape.


9 thoughts on “Zero Escape 3 Will Be Called Zero Time Dilemma In The West”

  1. Well that name change idea was a stupid call. Why not just keep the original title name? It sounds better. “Zero Time Dilemma”? It’s like a BS phase term for an adolescent with bi-polar disorder

    1. Nintendo Magistrate: Lance Bulmer

      How about giving us a physical release aswell and not being such tight asses and letting the americans have a physical while we dont in the uk!

      1. I can’t wait. Virtue’s Last Reward should be made into a motion picture…maybe even a trilogy. These games arrr the best kind of mind-fucks.

      2. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

        So the shoe is on the other foot with this game, eh? While the US only got a digital release of Fatal Frame 5 while everyone else got it both physically & digitally, this game is the exact opposite. If there was any self righteous assholes in Europe dissing Americans for being upset about Fatal Frame 5 being digital only, boom! Take that, bitches! lol

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