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Nintendo Promises More Innovative Ideas For Next Mario After Super Mario Maker

If you think that Nintendo might be out of ideas on how to shape the next 2D Mario title after the scope of what is offered with Super Mario Maker then you would be wrong. Super Mario Maker producer Takashi Tezuka has told Japanese publication Nintendo Dream that the company has a number of interesting and creative things to add to the next 2D mainline Mario game and says to look forward to them.

I think many people wonder what will happen to the next entry in the original series after we created this new form of side scrolling Mario action. Don’t worry, we intend to come up with interesting things even after this, so please look forward to those, too.

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46 thoughts on “Nintendo Promises More Innovative Ideas For Next Mario After Super Mario Maker”

    1. So It is going to suck because Mario will try to please the one demographic that it always tried to please? K….
      Try harder next time.

  1. My ass and FYI, Mario Maker isn’t even “innovative” since hackers and modders over at PC have already done this years ago plus all the sprites and designs were already done too so it’s not even remotely “original” but it is fun…well half fun without multiplayer which is a dumbass move to exclude.

              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>Well he is an enemy of the Metroid Squadron anyway considering he went against me for absolutely no reason at all>>>

                1. It isn’t just E3- there’s a multitude of things.

                  -NoA held off on releasing Woolly World because “games don’t sell during the summer”
                  -many games made for an older audience are having mature content cut or changed without legitimate reason
                  -doing things with franchises we don’t want them to do (and they probably know that too and don’t care, like Federation Farce)
                  -ignoring franchises for YEARS like F-Zero and Custom Robo

                  I am not defending anyone nor siding with anyone, merely stating facts.

                    1. Like create enemies that you couldn’t even dream of creating on PC mods.
                      Want a winged Bowser Jr. that follows you around the whole stage while shooting hammers from a cloud? Nintendo got you covered.

                            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                              >>>Go and worship the Apple Armada since that’s the only thing you liked to begin with anyway, you’re so full of garbage now that it’s beyond pathetic>>>

                            2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                              >>>So when they actually do something similar to the other 2 just like some of you imbeciles want, you don’t even like nor want it, it only proves you silly humans know nothing about anything>>>

                            3. I agree. Why pay $60 for something that’s been available on PC for years at pretty much no cost? When this was first announced, I was expecting it to be a $20 eShop game. Like you said, all of the sprites and designs are already there. So it doesn’t make sense that Nintendo decided to make this a full retail priced game. Also, you have a point about kids not playing mario anymore. Kids are more eager to play on a phone or a tablet than they are on a “wii 2”. Nintendo’s done well in the past aiming at children, but back then, they didn’t have accessable mobile devices to compete with.

                            4. I hope those idea’s going to make the next super Mario bros game good the last games where a little bit a copie from each other

                                1. NSMB was good it had different boss batle’s which made it more fun, NSMBwii was oke but nothing special same goes for NSMBU and NSMB2 was like you said terrible

                                            1. Yeah, I guess I only enjoyed NSMBU a lot because it was my first NSMB game. I can imagine it being a lot like the other ones…

                                          1. Big talk from a company that has managed to turn both the 3D and 2D Mario platformers into the same ol’ thing every single time, and has already made it clear they intend to continue doing so by wanting to make a sequel to Super Mario Galaxy instead of going with something original.

                                              1. I do not. My disappointments with the Galaxy series aside, at the very least we need a new theme. I miss the days when Nintendo actually tried to differentiate their Mario titles from each other. As I said, now you have NSMB, Super Mario 3D, and Super Mario Galaxy. They’re making all platformers in these three categories, and it’s sad because Galaxy is just about as linear in its level design as the SM3D series.

                                              1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                                                Naw. Even if they did get rid of the “New” part, it could still be another copy & paste Super Mario Bros game & we’d be right back to where we started. :/

                                            1. What do Mario and Tequilla have in common? I’ve too much of both and will never touch either of them again. :)

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                                            3. Honestly, I’d be good with Super Mario Maker dlc for years. There is so much that could be added to the (already great) game to keep adding to the value there. I’m more interested in Nintendo working with what they have rather than constantly zooming off to the NeXt thing.

                                            4. i think nintendo have more ideas on there mario titles but hey SEGA have more ideas for the next sonic game and trying to make it real good.

                                            5. WASNT THE AVERAGE MARIO AGE PROVEN TO BE 36

                                              WASNT THEWII USERBASE PROVEN THE ELDEST


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