Nintendo Won’t Promise On Waluigi Game, Restaurant Not Out Of The Question

It has been only hours since Nintendo has released an official statement declaring they would never dare to change Waluigi’s name. In another day of Waluigi news, Nintendo (in response to years of requests asking for a Waluigi game) announced that they are unwilling to promise a solo game for the forgotten purple foe. However, they are up for possibly franchising his name out to popular restaurants:

In other words, the Twitter PR rep for Nintendo needs a raise, and we need a Nintendo Direct so there is real news to report on.


  1. Best to not waste time making a game about some ugly ass wasted character nobody cares for anyway. How about an F-Zero comeback instead? Oh wait. They don’t care for real hardcore/fans anymore so I wouldn’t be shocked if they make a game about that garbage purple fuck.

      1. Hey sure, something like that… maybe what the new CEO is saying is true, they simply aren’t as aggressive with the IP as they should be or could be… I always say, and maybe they have this, get some non-programmers in there to come up with some fresh ideas

    1. I would pitch a GTA style game with Wario and Waluigi in Mushroom Kingdom — cartoony antics and all.

      1. Sure… Maybe Wario and Waluigi are also enemies of Bowser in their own way… They might want to kidnap the princess for themselves perhaps? I also have an idea about expanding the “Bowser-verse” but we’ll see what direction they go in… So much room to grow

      1. what ever incarnation it takes, it obviously needs to be fun and have lots of replay value… if the scope of the story got a tiny bit bigger, but still kept very simple, games where you come at it from multiple angles or POVs (Mario, Peach, Bowser, Wario, etc) and use those players in different ways could be very cool and get multiple games out of them. They do that, but the story lines don’t necessarily link up

    2. You have no idea. Make it like Superstar Saga except have partners like in paper Mario and have split up capabilities sorta like olimar and louie or something, it’s a for sure success

  2. The only type of game i can think of for waluigi is a dance game or for some strange reason a secret agent waluigi game

    1. I would pitch a GTA style game with Wario and Waluigi in Mushroom Kingdom — cartoony antics and all.

  3. Of course Nintendo won’t give us a Waluigi game- they’re no longer in the business of pleasing fans who joined then since their NES, SNES, or N64 eras.

    There are so many games and ways to make those games that would be awesome and be fun and actually be liked by true supporters, but they just won’t do it.

  4. Not sure if anyone here has played it but do a search for Psycho Waluigi. Its a rather well made fan game.

    In regards to an actual Nintendo made game, I would love to see either a solo Waluigi game or a game with both him and Wario as the main.

    Alternately I wouldnt mind seeing a Sonic Adventure 2 style like game featuring Mario, Luigi Yoshi and DK as apart of the good story line while the dark story is Wario, Waluigi, Bowser Jr. K. Rool and Bowser

      1. >>>I want anything Metroid related that is inspired by either the Prime series or Super Metroid, no garbage spin-offs that pollutes my world>>>

  5. I’d rather Waluigi have an active role Wario Land or WarioWare, Inc. before getting his own game. He hasn’t had enough proper exposure outside of party games. He’s not on Luigi’s level yet.

  6. I don’t care much for Waluigi or Daisy but I won’t lie that the idea of a non-sports game with focus on them interests me.

    1. You and me both.

      Daisy could have a standard platforming game that revolves around parkour to reflect her tomboyish nature (and let’s be real- she’s more athletic than Peach) that takes place in her Kingdom, Sarasland (or whatever it was in Mario Land) which hasn’t been seen in years.

      Waluigi, on The other hand, could do anything, really. He always accuses opponents of cheating when he loses in Kart or the sports games, perhaps his game could revolve around cheating to win (though Nintendo won’t do it because pride/honor reasons and because the concept is actually kinda cool). Whatever it ends up being, it better explain how Waluigi is able to swim in midair- that has bothered me since Power Tennis.

      1. It’s like Nintendo got bought out by WWE & now Vince McMahon is doing the opposite of shit that would be the logical thing to do or would please his longtime, hardcore fanbase.

        “Making games that hardcore gamers like & giving them a powerful console! That’s such a great, logical, smart idea that we AREN’T going to do it! It makes too much god damn sense so let’s do the opposite & keep chasing those fickle casual suckers that don’t realize we’re giving them crap compared to the awesome shit we USE to do!” :/

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