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Fatal Frame Creator Is Thinking About Ideas For Next Game On New Hardware

Online gaming publication Siliconera has conducted a lengthy interview with Makoto Shibata director of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water at Koei Tecmo Games and Toru Osawa, Co-Producer at Nintendo. If you’ve got the time then it is well worth a read, but one of the interesting things to take away is that the team is busy thinking about how they can bring the Fatal Frame series to new hardware. Presumably Makoto Shibata is talking about the Nintendo NX which is set to be revealed next year.

I know that movies and games offer different atmospheres and different ways of scaring you, but if I can start talking with people based on the ideas I receive from the movie, I think that’ll help me create new ways to scare people that take advantage of new game hardware.


4 thoughts on “Fatal Frame Creator Is Thinking About Ideas For Next Game On New Hardware”

  1. thenintendoreviewer

    Be awesome to make a Fatal Frame game for NX as long as it gets released worldwide. Also let’s get an disc trilogy pack of the first three Fatal Frame games. That would be a great way to bring in more Nintendo fans to Fatal Frame.

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