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Video: Teens React To Super Mario Maker

It is time for something you all love and that’s the Teens React To video series. This time the React channel has tasked teens to play the recently released Super Mario Maker on Wii U. The latest batch of teens aren’t creating levels but are instead sampling some of the user-created ones built by the community. You can watch their priceless antics in the video embedded above.

28 thoughts on “Video: Teens React To Super Mario Maker”

    1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

      Actually, it’s not unusual for some teenagers to have a mustache. I had a friend in one of the high schools I went to who had one. So don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

  1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    I love the two teens’ reactions to the beginning of Sacrificial Yoshi! Their faces & reactions were priceless!

    1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

      Well that does it. I’m watching these videos from now on as I use to never watch the video & just went straight to the comments.

  2. Couldn’t make it 5 minutes, I had to stop.
    Are these kids playing characters, or is this really how bad the average teenager is at Mario games these days? I’ve seen these kids play lots of games, and the only ones they don’t suck shit through a straw at is duck hunt.

    1. Teen and children as well, probably play too many mobile games. Now I may be generalising but most mobile games only require you to tap a finger. They can’t use a real controller.

    2. Well the Teens React show has a really wide range of Teens to choose from. They may send out surveys to them to find out who would be the best canidates for the video.

    3. It’s called “react” for a reason. Someone who’s familiar with gaming won’t give much of a reaction to games, as opposed to people who haven’t spent much time with gaming in their lives before – that’s why the latter group might be more interesting to the channel, for both the creators and viewers. Of course they probably heard of Mario before, I mean, who hasn’t? But I really don’t think it’s very surprising to see a difference in play-style between someone who’s mostly inexperienced with (Mario) games, and someone who’s interested enough in (Nintendo’s) games to leave a comment on a website dedicated to Nintendo.
      Is it really such a big deal when people aren’t very good at video games? Are you good at everything you try? If so, that’s great, because not everyone can do that.

      1. Even if they’re unfamiliar with the game, it’s not like it’s rocket science. After all, Mario games can be played just like mobile runner games (as long as the level doesn’t have any traps to prevent that). Just hold right the whole time and time that A button correctly.

        1. There are many other games that need you to just “time a button right”, but that doesn’t make them equally easy/difficult to everyone. Just because Mario games are easy to us who grew up with Mario games and all, doesn’t mean it’s easy to everyone else too. And sometimes, some people’s coordination simply isn’t as good as others’, and that’s not something they can change in an instant (or maybe even at all), but that’s absolutely alright.
          And yea, you just get a better feeling for the game’s physics the longer you play it, and I’m sure many, if not all of those teens would improve greatly if they had more time to play. I’ll assume that many of us here weren’t as good at Mario games the first times we’ve played them as we might be now.

          1. “Just because Mario games are easy to us who grew up with Mario games and all, doesn’t mean it’s easy to everyone else too.”
            True, but you can’t deny that the action of timing the press of a button is as simple as physical actions get. Of course, if you’re not used to the physics, to the sensitivity of the button and similar things you probably aren’t going to make it very far, but the video shows that this is not the problem with some of them.

            “And sometimes, some people’s coordination simply isn’t as good as others’”
            It may be because I received musical training from a very young age and I tend to expect an unfair degree of ability from your average joe, but I’ve never met a single person with such a terrible coordination level. As I said, you just have to press a button.

            “and I’m sure many, if not all of those teens would improve greatly if they had more time to play”
            I’m not offended by their lack of ability or anything similar, it just strikes me as odd and makes me think the whole video is staged.

            1. I guess I can kinda see why you might think it’s staged, but personally, I just don’t believe it is. I actually watch their videos every now and then, when they “react” to things that are of my interest, or if I’m curious about how they’ll react to something unusual, but I never thought about the possibility of the whole thing being staged until I saw others mentioning it. Some of those teens have actually been taking part in the channel for a couple years, so it’s a bit hard to believe it’s staged. But thinking about it, them appearing on the videos for years now is probably something that actually speaks for the whole thing being staged indeed… lmao.
              Anyway, I’ll just believe there’s good in the world, and try to stay convinced it’s not staged, hah.

              1. Not to mention, some of them are actually employed as actors (isn’t Arya from Game of Thrones a regular?). There are some details in the way they talk or react that look artificial to me. Maybe the reacion itself is genuine but they’re asked to exaggerate it in some instances, I don’ know.

                1. True, but I think she appears on the show only occassionally, as some kinda “special guest”. or something. But I do agree that some of the people appearing in the videos can seem a bit less genuine than others. But yea, the videos are still alright, I think. But of course I realize they can’t appeal to everyone, so it’s absolutely alright to not like them.

  3. 1) I`m almost 28 and I think I never gonna have a decent mustache… and that teen! looks waaay older than me!

    2) It`s almost hypnotic to see so many people that suck at playing! and keep sucking!….. the last lot of teens had some idea at least!…… exept the youngest… he`s decent… your cool man

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