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Walmart Black Friday: Nintendo 3DS XL With Super Mario 3D Land For $129


There’s plenty of deals to be had on Black Friday and it looks as though Walmart currently has some of the best offers on so far. You can pick up a Nintendo 3DS XL with Super Mario 3D Land for $129.99, the Wii U Splatoon and Super Smash Bros pack for $249 and the Modern Colour Mario amiibo for $12.96. These specific Nintendo themed offers will go live at 6pm on Thursday November 26th.


11 thoughts on “Walmart Black Friday: Nintendo 3DS XL With Super Mario 3D Land For $129”

      1. Idk a lot of people really like Titan Fall, and I liked what I saw of it. Never played it myself but I’ve heard many good things about it, and ive seen others play it.

        1. It’s an ok game, I call it mediocre because of how lacking it was. I actually picked it up for $3 a few months ago lol it is a fun game, but nothing too special.

          1. after added tax (20%) and conversation rate (1.52) the PS4 bundle with drake cost £236.84 in US while in UK you will have to pay £289 (save £52.16 by buying a US one). I assumed the PS4 is a 500 GB for both country.

            If the PS4 deal in US is for 1TB HDD, then in UK the price for the same deal would be £364 (save £127.16 by buying a US console). No wonder why people from Europe who visit NOA for business or pleasure, like sony/MS for its region lock free console.

          2. Other Walmart Nintendo deals include Mario Party 10, Majora’s Mask, and the Wii U Adventure Time title (don’t know the proper name) for $25

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