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Gold Mario Amiibo Lets You Play With Gold Mario In Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

In one of their latest videos, GameXplain tested out different amiibo with Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. Interestingly, the Walmart-exclusive Gold Mario amiibo (which typically just operates as a normal Mario amiibo) allows you to play with a Gold Mario instead. On the other hand, using the other non-exclusive Silver Mario does nothing — you only play as regular Mario. Check out the video below:

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is to release on November 20th exclusively for Wii U.

14 thoughts on “Gold Mario Amiibo Lets You Play With Gold Mario In Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash”

    1. Good… good point. For some reason, I think i confused the fact that I bought it at Walmart with it being Walmart exclusive.

      SolaR: 1, Lou: 0

  1. How about new characters, maps and Power Shots instead?

    Ah well, still buying it… but only because I’m starving for a new tennis game.

  2. Nintendo Australia announced Gold Mario amiibo as a Target exclusive for Australia and New Zealand so I missed out because there are no Target stores in New Zealand (besides a furniture store that didn’t stock them).

    I honestly don’t believe Nintendo Australia exists because no company can be that retarded, so many retailers here keep quitting Nintendo and it’s easy to say why, an EB employee once had a rant about how they’re so hopeless to communicate with and don’t get me started on past transgressions with the warranty department.

    I wasn’t gonna get this game anyway so I won’t have to worry about not completing it.

  3. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    Just the incentive I needed to get Mario Tennis: Rushed Game-err… I mean, Ultra Smash: playing as Golden Mario! *snickers*

    1. Too bad neither of my Wal-Mart stores ever got the gold Mario amiibo. They advertised it in their store, yet never got any. Go figure. I sure hope Wal-Mart never gets any other exclusives. Because they seem to be the worst store when it comes to amiibo stock. One of my 2 Wal-Mart stores had a nearly empty amiibo shelf ever since they first released a year ago. What’s up with that?

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