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UK Retail Game Sales Down 8.5%YOY And Console Sales Down Almost 20%

The UK is one of the biggest gaming markets in Europe, but recent data obtained by MCV suggests that it is struggling at the moment. Retail games are down 8.5 percent, though one reason behind this drop is the transition to digital games. What is alarming is that console sales are down by almost 20 percent this year. We know that the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 are being phased out and Wii U has been struggling, but it is still worrying. The industry is looking towards Call of Duty, Fallout and Star Wars Battlefront to help turn things around in the UK.

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21 thoughts on “UK Retail Game Sales Down 8.5%YOY And Console Sales Down Almost 20%”

  1. The rise in popularity of PC gaming among dedicated gamers as well as mobile gaming on non-dedicated gamers can also play a factor.

    Digital retailers tend to also be preferred over their physical counterparts, especially among PC gamers, so that will also contribute to the data’s findings.

    1. I don’t think its the “rise in popularity of PC gaming”, since PC gaming has been popular for decades. Smart phone gaming does not impact console sales. Also the small drop in retail sales could be multiple factors, but I’m sure digital sales impacts it the most… Unfortunately..

      The reason console sales are 20% lower this year is because last year the industry saw record breaking sales. The Ps4 smashed all sorts of records, and so did the Xbox One. It was a surge, and now the tide is just receding back down to the normal level. Nothing to be alarmed about. If you see multiple years in a row where you have significant reduced sales in home consoles, then be concerned. But I assure you that is not going to happen. The Ps4 is on track to be the best selling console of all time.

      1. PS4 the best selling console of all time? Well, it’ll take plenty of time to beat the 3DS let alone the Wii. But nevertheless, best selling or not, all the consoles of this generation are great… I just love my WiiU. :)

      2. Well the next gaming crash is coming. But let’s be honest the UK market is hardly a credible source when talking about the entire industry.

      3. Nintendo Magistrate: Lance Bulmer

        Call of fucking duty ? Come on have more faith in consoles than that ! Fuck even Halo is better than Call Of Duty and i hate the xbox with the exception of left 4dead and lost planetCall of duty ? Come on have more faith in consoles than that ! Fuck even Halo is better than Call Of Duty and i hate the xbox with the exception of left 4dead and lost planet

    2. 1) As I say that countless time on this site.
      2) The price of the games and console compare to the US market is just ridiculous.
      3) The DLC none sense which are expansive and abusive which put off a lot of people.
      4) The Japanese release we don’t have in Europe.
      5) The facts most of multi-platform games can be found on PC.
      6) The rise of mobile games among the kids and female.

      People may hate FIFA but thank to that game and call of duty, console market still exist.

      Here the remedy:
      – stop the DLC business.
      – Have the console price around £150-£200
      – Price of a full game without DLC @£30 max (if DLC, make sure they are free and never one day DLC). This will allow console to compete with PC market.
      – Don’t release broken games like Assassin’s creed unity or Batman Arkham origins but if that’s happen fix the game instead of focusing on DLC (Warner bros I talking to you)
      – for console companies like Nintendo, get us some mature games or challenging games. Nintendo did not get yet since Sony launch PS1 that adult play also video games (i read recently they want to focus on children and teens) and also need to taking care of hence why fifa or COD are extremely popular. I am not a marketing person but doesn’t take a genius to analyst who buy COD or FIFA and why???

      1. Mostly agree with you, but games to 30$ Free DLC sounds kind of dreamy. I can pay 50-70$ for a game, but… just… let all the content be there without glitches and without more DLC sh*t.

        Look at Destiny. Costed 500 mill $ (good chump for marketing) but 30$ for a retail game with free DLC? Gonna sell goooooooooooooooooooooooooood if they want to make actually money out of it.

        1. PC games can be found @ £5 but mostly around £15 – £25. I bought assassin’s creed 3 liberation @ £4.65 on PC yesterday. Same price for Darksiders 1 and 2, 2 months ago. since 2013-2014, developer/studio/publisher find a business which just may at first bring them money but in the long run destroy the video game industry (the article say it all).

          I don’t find normal to pay a games £35 and then find out I have to pay an additional £20 to get the full game. I would not care if it’s just weapons, costumes, or items. But when it comes to additional quest, side quest for RPG or track in case of Mario kart 8 or character for a fighting game I strongly disagree (like the rest of UK player).

          1. When you find games to that price, it’s because they have been out for a while, and the publisher/developer want to squeze the last they can get out of them. All the pre-orders and the general intereset of the game are long gone, so they make new potential buyers – buyers that want cheap games after all the hype. They’re probably (if the game sold well enough) covered the expenses and earned a profit, so digital sale at 5£ – like on Steam – will only be extra pocketmoney for them. I don’t think it would work for a Call of Duty to be sold at 15£ day one :P Maaaaybe because they’re only copy pasting those games?

            I totally agree with you when you’re saying they’re destroying themselves. Battlefront cost, with seasonpass blahblahblah, 1048kr. About 100 euro-ish. For a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD! SERIOUSLY?! I was a fan of Battlefield, but they had the same price as battlefront here, so I have skipped them. Can’t wait for a sale, because then my friends are tired/bored of the game already.

            I’m also with you when you don’t like buying a full game, and then have to pay more for actually have all that content. I understand that there is more job of making a game like GTA V than it was to make the origial Pac-Man, i understand you need artist in so many levels to complete a game with art, music, voiceacting, CGI movieclips and so on. And just all the details in wast HD opernworlds… I understand that costs a lot of money, but WHY can’t we have a bit more expensive games instead of unfinished sh*it, full of bugs, and not all of it contents? I don’t mind waiting if I wait for something good; like Platinum did with Bayonetta 2!

                1. It comes down to preference I guess. They’re cheap to me because I have four kids and buying a $60 game is too expensive for me :].

                  And I never use pcmasterrace or any other thing that people like to call their favorite platform because I own all of them except the PS4 :].

                    1. I understand believe me. I’m always bargain hunting for my favorite games because I can’t afford $60 for every new game that comes out :].

                      Being a dad has to come first and whatever cash I have left over can go to my gaming habit :].

                  1. PC Master Race Agent Narud

                    ||This is only a fraction of what’s to come, the end of consoles and the beginning of the eternal era of the Master Race……

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