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Grab A Chance To Have Your Mario Maker Courses Played On Nintendo’s Twitch Stream

The Nintendo UK Twitter account has asked Super Mario Makers to reply with their course ID’s to be in with a chance to have their courses played on Nintendo’s Twitch stream on Tuesday.

For this week’s challenge, Nintendo is looking for movie themed courses. Which movie would you like to re-create in Super Mario Maker?




7 thoughts on “Grab A Chance To Have Your Mario Maker Courses Played On Nintendo’s Twitch Stream”

  1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    Sweet! Let me just go start up my Wii U with my copy of Super Mario Maker & I’ll get star-… Oh wait! I don’t have the unfinished Super Mario Maker game yet. NEVERMIND!!!

      1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

        I’ve heard it doesn’t have slopes or the sun that chases the player character in the desert. Does it have a selection of different Yoshi or different colored eggs containing Yoshi? How about the block that gives out some wings that allow you to turn any kind of Yoshi into a blue, flying Yoshi? Oh & is Birdo even in the game along with the Shy Guys?

        1. Um, no, it has none of that. In fact, it doesn’t even have a desert palette where the angry sun would make the most sense.

          While I won’t disagree that SMM is missing some no-brainer elements, I wouldn’t completely give up hope. We just got an update that added checkpoints and the original item system (hit a block when small, get a mushroom; hit a block when big, get a flower/tanooki/etc.), so perhaps these assets will be added later as well. Wishful thinking, perhaps, but not OOTQ.

      2. Oh my gosh this is my chance for Nintendo to notice me!! I need to make a cool stage fassst! Lol I’m joking (maybe). Anyways, I’m gonna make a LOTR stage! And hopefully it’s good enough.

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