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Mega Man Legacy Collection Is eShop-only In Europe And Pricing Confirmed

Those of you hoping for a retail release of Mega Man Legacy Collection in Europe will come away disappointed as Capcom has officially confirmed today that it is a Nintendo 3DS digital only title. If you are interested in the collection of classic titles then they will set you back €14.99/£13.49 on the Nintendo eShop. This is a lot cheaper than a retail release for the game would have been. You can check out the North America pack shots, below.

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  1. I just stopped by to say FUCK CAPCOM, fuk em, faq dem, im done supporting their lazy Bullshit ways…

  2. Hey, you guys get so much more stuff then we do. Y’all had awesome club nintedno awards. You guys got better pre order bonuses, y’all get paper jam earlier than us, y’all had wooly world early. Y’all guys got some better amiibos way before we did. We didn’t really get great bonuses this year at all. So I know I’m pre ordering this gem!

  3. I have 5 complaints (unrelated to the European release being only on eShop) about this Mega Man Legacy Collection.

    1. I already have the Anniversary Collection on Gamecube, which has more games.
    2. It’s a 3DS game instead of a Wii U game.
    3. It should have featured all 10 Mega Man games.
    4. The gold Mega Man amiibo should have been sold separately.
    5. The gold Mega Man amiibo should have been in a different pose, instead of them being lazy and just giving it a different paint job. Same with gold and silver Mario.

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