Check Out Skyward Sword Link And Scervo Statues Available At GameStop

GameStop is now selling two exclusive Dark Horse Comics statues of both Skyward Sword Link and Scervo. Both statues are packaged in deluxe colour gatefold collector packaging.

The Skyward Sword Link is over 10 inches tall, 9.3 inches in width, and stands on a Triforce base. He can be purchased for $79.99 here.

skyward sword link

The Scervo statue is 13 inches tall, almost 12 inches in width, and also stands on a Triforce base. You can purchase Scervo for $129.99 here.


Both statues are incredibly detailed and will be a great addition for collectors. You can take a look at a more detailed view of both statues along with their packaging below:


  1. I saw this (and others) at Gamestop weeks ago. As cool as they are, and as much of a collector as I am, I’ll never pay those prices. I was more interested in the awesome 30″ Skyward Sword Link doll they have for $35.00. It was awesome!

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