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The Game Awards 2015 Will Have 10 World Premieres And 10 On-Stage Awards

The Game Awards 2015 are fast approaching and this year should prove to be a great year for the awards ceremony. Founder Geoff Keighley has tweeted that the show was feature 10 world premiers and will also include 10 on-stage awards. This doesn’t necessarily mean ten unannounced titles, but some of these will most likely be unannounced. Hopefully we shall get a Zelda Wii U trailer. The Game Awards 2015 kicks off on December 3rd.

24 thoughts on “The Game Awards 2015 Will Have 10 World Premieres And 10 On-Stage Awards”

      1. Nintendo has announced that we will get it in spring 2016. We will get it before E3 next year. So, we may just get a trailer this time around. Just don’t get your hopes up, because we know that Nintendo is very secretive about their products.

        1. Nintendo never said Spring. They said 2016. That could be any part of the year. And with Twilight Princess HD coming in March, and not much presentation of it thus far, I am 99% sure it is not coming in Spring 2016.

          1. Somewhere along the line we twisted “I hope it’s only delayed until Spring” into “Nintendo promised Q1 2016”. There is no way that Nintendo is launching “Zelda Wii U” before May.

            More likely than not, we’re looking at a Fall release – regardless of whether the NX is already out. The first half of the year already features “Star Fox Zero”, “Zelda: TP HD”, “Pokken Tournament”, and probably “SMTxFE” in the West.

            Nintendo is not going to just cram a new Zelda in somewhere that it’s going to rob all chance of success from other big titles. Gaming is a business, after all.

            1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3 ~*Proud Owner of the great PS4 & the great n3DS! Oh & I guess the dying mediocre Wii U is okay, too!*~

              You must have gotten Zelda U mixed up with Twilight Princess HD & Star Fox Zero which both come out in late March.

            2. yea, at most I think we might see new footage of twilight princess HD (maybe the game well look better?) I dont really see Nintendo doing anything special. other then the smash direct next month I think Nintendo at earliest well be at CES to show off the QOL products. but we shall see. either way I think we well get a direct in January that well showcase plans for the rest of the year

          2. If this is the same Video Game Awards that used to play on Spike TV years ago, that was the phoniest awards show I ever saw. I HATED IT! It made gamers look like complete morons. And it was mostly all crap Xbox and PS2 games. That was the year that WWF/WWE Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain for PS2 got chosen as Game Of The Year. I never cared about watching it since that one time.

          3. IIRC, it’s another show produced by the presenter of the Spike TV show, Geoff Keighley (aka Dorito Pope).

            I didn’t watch last year show because I expected it to be exactly the same thing as the previous awards, but people said it was actually great.

          4. i wish the Nintendo world premier is federation force.
            All the rage caused by that game was the best moment of this years E3

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