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Digital Foundry Goes Hands-on With Xenoblade Chronicles X

Respected technology publication Digital Foundry have gone hands-on with the long awaited Western version of Xenoblade Chronicles X and their impressions are extremely promising. Digital Foundry says that the game pretty much sticks to a locked 30fps and there’s hardly any dips. The publication even goes as far to say that it is Monolith Soft’s most impressive video game to date. You can read their glowing impressions, here.

“When it comes to performance, however, things start looking up again. Xenoblade X operates at 30 frames per second with vertical sync engaged at all times and it manages to stick very closely to this target throughout. Open world games such as this often struggle with performance on consoles but we were pleasantly surprised by just how stable this game really is. We encountered a handful of drops in our 15 hours we spent with the game, but by and large, a locked 30fps is achieved. It seems that a great number of the aforementioned compromises were made in pursuit of stable performance. Given the results, we feel the team has made the right choice.”

“Ultimately, Xenoblade Chronicles X is a beautiful and expansive game. It’s also really the only game of its kind on the Wii U right now and it works wonderfully. Even with some of its blemishes, it’s hard not to be impressed by what has been achieved on Nintendo’s home console. The slick presentation, rich gameplay, and incredible soundtrack all comes together to create one of the most polished open world experiences we’ve encountered in quite some time – even in the face of obvious technical compromises. Looking back over Monolith Soft’s catalogue of games, we feel confident in saying that Xenoblade Chronicles X is its most impressive title to date.”


31 thoughts on “Digital Foundry Goes Hands-on With Xenoblade Chronicles X”

  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>There you have it, the return of the empire strikes back, giving you new hope>>>

    >>>The Xbot menace will once again experience the attack of our drones, making sure the revenge of the empire is fullfilled as the NX awakens>>>

    1. And what’s sad Commander is that a flawed game like Fallout 4 that was graphically inferior to Fallout 3, had frame rates that went as low as to 0 and was less of the same game from it’s predecessor but still managed to recieve primarily 9s from reviewers while Xenoblade Chronicles X has a great consistent frame rate stability, is far more visually impressive and bigger than the original Xenoblade Chronicles and it even offers something vastly different from it’s predecessor but yet it got mixed reviews of 7s, 8, & 9s….smh. But I forgot, a large portion of the gaming media only care about what’s popular and what they know will sell guaranteed, not games with a great deep story, interesting characters and engaging gameplay. And people have the nerve to ask why great quality JRPGs are so hard to find, well it’s because the makers of these games are tired of being not appreciated and that’s the hard reality

      1. Haven’t seen any frame drops from playing fallout 4 or bugs for that matter. You should probably try playing the game yourself.

      2. I actually found Fallout 4 quite fun and ran rather fine for me. Some glitches happened here and there, but they were freaking hilarious ones and not game breaking in the slightest. And again, I don’t think the graphics are all that bad. They don’t need to be “NextGen” to be good.

      3. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>They are all blinded sheep that likes to call us blind when they are the ones buying anything that’s being promoted>>>

  2. What? They only played 15 hours. How can you judge how well a game’s code will hold up with only 15 hours of gameplay? How can they say it’s their best work if they didn’t finish it? Let’s see. What else did you morons say about the game review yesterday.

        1. They didn’t give it a score or anything (to my knowledge) and they also didn’t state anything as fact (to my knowledge) just stated how it felt to them in the time they played.

          1. I think you’re drawing a thin-fucking line Batman. The comments on that review were ridiculous. And I will be backtracking to that article. >:]

            1. Maybe I missed them, but I didn’t read the whole thing, just some of what was in this post. Like I said, it’s all to my knowledge, I could easily be wrong and maybe they were saying ridiculous comments. Idk I didn’t read all of it. If you did and you saw stuff, then I take it back, you read it and I didn’t. But to my knowledge they were just stating opinions on the amount they got to play.

            2. Not to crash on your coversation or anything, but I invite you to reply to those there. Especially if you’re going to get all argumentative and resort to name-calling.

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