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Shantae Co-Creator Discusses the Series And Shantae In Super Smash Bros.

The Mary Sue recently had an interview with the co-creator of the Shantae series, Matt Bozon.

Within the interview, Bozon spoke about his inspiration for the creation of Shantae and was asked what made him go with a light-hearted, girly character to which he responded:

“Shantae was created by my wife, and it began when I asked her what she would make given the opportunity to design a video game character. We were just making conversation. She disappeared, and I found her later working on drawings of Shantae in dance poses and hair whip poses. I asked her a bunch of questions about the character, what was going on in the drawings, what the game might play like. I suppose it matters that I didn’t create Shantae, I was introduced to her, and that makes her feel very real. I developed the cast and world around the character to create a contrast… as though Erin’s character is trapped in a world of my weird humor and imagination. Shantae’s personality has developed a lot since then, but she’s still the same in many ways… sweet, innocent, willful, and also fallible.”

He was also asked about what players should expect in Half-Genie Hero, and the mystery of Shantae’s parents:

“The storyline of Half-Genie Hero touches on this a little bit. But I want to keep some questions unanswered, because they are important motivators for Shantae’s character. I think her mother would be developed as a character before her father would be.”

In regards to Shantae potentially joining the Super Smash Bros line up, Bozon responded with:

“I’m really excited about Shantae being a possibility for Smash! How cool would that be? Amazing, right? I think stylistically she’d be a good fit, being something that exists somewhere between Mega Man and Peach. I’d hope she could recover in Harpy form, or maybe pull off some incredible dance and transformation for her Final Smash! I would love to see this happen, and if not now, then some time in the future!”

There’s also much more to this interview with Shantae’s co-creator, you can check out the full interview here.


82 thoughts on “Shantae Co-Creator Discusses the Series And Shantae In Super Smash Bros.”

    1. If we’re basing this on Shantae’s personality, moveset and powers, she has proven for many years that she is of the few 3rd party characters who are deemed worthy to be in Smash. Unlike Snake, Shantae has graced so many Nintendo platforms so I think it would be very commendable of Nintendo to introduce Shantae to the rest of the gaming world who may not know about her. Wayforward has paid their dues so they deserve to have their flagship character in the best fighting game in the world

      1. that i agree. i have never played any shantae games but i can see why she is popular and worthy being in smash. snake on the other hand has been on 3 nintendo systems, nes, gbc, and gcn, while i do want snake back in smash, shantae would be the better choice.

      2. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

        I Don’t fucking care. Her games aren’t even that good. Sure this bitch has smash like qualities. But I’ve never heard of this bitch before everyone started bitching about her getting into smash.

                  1. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

                    I’ll post them. I’ll name it Boss vs. Brandon or whatever the fuck. Yeah sounds like a plan

        1. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

          I only do that with palutena. It’s a more evasive strategy I came up with. Once I fully grasp her potential than I will stop all that fucking rolling.

      1. You’re good, but I’m not impressed. Despite getting her ass kicked, that Samus had style, finesse, and creativity. Although you dominated from start to finish, you won because you’re good at a few cheap, redundant moves. Seriously anyone, look closely at this fight and you will see it…

        1. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

          Excuse me? Redundant moves? Hahahaah! My god! Motherfucker’s dont even know how play as palutena. Her “redundant” moves are the key for her wish receiving a victory. Cheap? Let’s see your ass pull off those cheap ass moves.

          1. Hmmm, I’m sorry, not cheap, but definitely redundant. You’re really good at a few moves coupled with quick reflexes. Nice, but not a boss ass bitch. Seems like you’re taking offense. I’d be sorry, but with all that shit talking, you should be able to take criticism. All that doggone rolling? Yeah, you haven’t earned the right to brag like you are, man, that’s all there is to it. I’d like for you to post a video of the next Palutena who kicks your ass. No? Oh, okay…

                    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                      >>>Tied as Dr Mario vs Mario but you lost lots of times to my Megaman which the Boy beat without much trouble if I remember correctly…>>>

          2. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

            No no don’t get me fucking wrong criticism is good. I just hate how you fucking called her moves cheap and redundant. Plus i sense a little hater alert coming from you or am I wrong? I’ll post fucking evidence showing that Palutena is really me. Did i ever say I’m good as fuck? Nope. So i honestly don’t see how I’m fucking bragging. Shit I’ll even post a video of me getting my ass kicked just to shut your bitch ass up. I Save all my losses just so I can go back and learn from them. Yes I roll lot with palutena and only with palutena. I find it the best way and linking combos until I find an alternative.

            1. Now that’s better. I’m sorry, although I’m good at ignoring it, sometimes I can’t resist becoming antagonistic towards anyone who I perceive as ignorant or arrogant or a dick. You responded to Carlos’s post by totally shooting down his enthusiasm towards Shantae, I guess that made me not give a damn about you or your Palutena. See how that works? The fact that you posted Mario kicking your butt shows that you do get it, thus proving me wrong. So, why not put that foot forward first? In any case, I can now wish you the best of luck with mastering Palutena.

              1. Oh and no, I’m no hater. I will always try to give credit where credit is due. And although Mario won you did put up a better fight than Samus did towards you. But I did like that Samus’s style, lots of variety, but her timing and spacing was just off. Can’t win that way

                1. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

                  Yep I confirm that I am a dick. Heard that personally to many fucking times. But arrogant? I know for a fact that I an not the best at this game. I have my wins and sometimes I get my ass handed to me by sharp players like that mario. I’m not a person who bites they’re fucking tongue, this world needs blunt fuckers. Hell I’ll stop acting like dumb bitch and take your credit and complementary. And use it to build upon my play style.

                  1. The world needs more blunt bastards that actually have a leg to stand on. There is so much goddamn pointless wind out there, lol. You’re kinda regular on here, and I know for a fact I’ve liked your comments regularly over the past year or so. Aside from a bumpy start I think this all worked out in the end, I definitely could have made the same point without being a ass about it, there’s my lesson 😉

                    1. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

                      There’s so many different people who like my shit that I can’t keep up with. Half shit I say doesn’t even make sense or be funny and I’ll get maybe 10 or 5 likes off it.

                      Nah your good. Being an ass shows you have strength. Unlike that obsolete bitch named tetrabitch. I won’t leave this hell hole until that fucker admits that he’s virgin who can’t get a piece of ass. Thats my ultimate mission.

                          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                            >>>Irrelevant yes, but what to apply the word on is for you to figure out boy if you have some intelligence there somewhere>>>

                                1. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

                                  I’ll analyze it later. In the meantime go fucking play with your nutz and bolts.

                                      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                        >>>Which I pointed out first, stop committing cerebral suicide boy before it’s too late>>>

                              1. You get tight over a fictional and semi-broken character when criticized? I’m worried that one day you’ll end up shooting some place before taking the “coward’s way out” soon after.

                          2. I have the weird feeling that the Samus in the video was me…

                            Play style was EERILY similar to mine, same color that I choose, and I do remember losing to a Palutena at some point when I was extremely tired one day.

                              1. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!}

                                The only people that get pissed at stale moves are those that can’t come up with a good defense in the heat of battle while getting their ass kicked by said stale moves. So like Marce said, so?

                      1. NO Thank you. Shantae doesn’t deserve a spot, need more NINTENDO characters this is SMASH BROS, not Playstation All Stars Battle Royal. No more 3rd party characters unless it’s Bomberman.

                          1. more 3rd party fighters mean potential 3rd party games coming to NX and Nintendo next handheld. Cause really third party on the Wiiu?

                        1. Dude, Nintendo just put in Cloud who is from a game that Nintendo never got. Shantae has three straight games, fourth coming, on Nintendo playtforms for over a decade. If anything, Shantae deserves a spot more than a overhyped FF7 anime that looks the same as the next anime. lol

                          1. When he started talking about the possible move set Shantae would have if she was in this game. I was like “Fuck you!” The only reason you’re even talking to anyone about this is cause she might have a chance to be in smash and help you in sales. If there wasn’t a chance? He wouldn’t give anyone the light of day. That’s what pisses me off

                      2. I have no opinion either way on whether she makes it or not, but I want Nintendo’s own characters to have priority.

                        Still waiting on Krystal, Sylux, and K. Rool. Those 3 make the roster, I won’t care who else does.

                      3. you know i totally agree with matt and yes it looks awesome i seen her games but i never played them but i gotta say shantae do have a long history with nintendo since her appearance on the game boy color in 2002 yeah i seen shantae skills and her powers of variety but im sure that shantae might make an appearance in smash bros 4 if not then maybe on the next smash bros game im sure those shantae fans want her in.

                        1. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!}

                          Of course. Innocent people won’t see anything wrong with a harem outfit because they don’t know any better. Only dirty minded people would see the sexuality in such an outfit.

                      4. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!}

                        I’m cool with Shantae getting in since she’s been on Nintendo consoles since her inception.

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