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Video: Check Out The Mario Christmas 3DS Theme

We have now entered December, so there’s no time like the present to check out a Christmas 3DS theme. NintenDaan has tested the newly released Japanese Mario Christmas theme and posted a clip on his YouTube channel, which includes the festive spin on the Super Mario Bros. melody that comes as part of the theme.

Unfortunately this theme is only available in Japan at present, but hopefully we will see more like this become available in the holiday season.


5 thoughts on “Video: Check Out The Mario Christmas 3DS Theme”

      1. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

        It dull as shit. Nothing but a bunch of game icons floating around and a bunch of fucking generic mii’s

      2. I’ll probably just stick to the Animal Crossing one I bought last year. Might change it up if enough Christmassy badges show up with a Christmassy theme deal though lol

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