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Super Mario Maker Gets Free Mercedes-Benz Themed Content

Nintendo has announced that Super Mario Maker will get an update adding new Mercedes-Benz themed content. Here’s the press release:

“Wii U Owners Can Play a New Event Course and Unlock a Vehicle-Themed Costume

Mercedes-Benz has created an original Super Mario Maker Event Course that will be delivered with a special costume for players to unlock at no additional charge. The course, called Mercedes-Benz Jump’n’Drive, arrives today and includes an unlockable Mercedes-Benz GLA costume that shows Mario in the driver’s seat. Once players unlock it by completing the level, they can add it to their collection of Mystery Mushroom costumes.

The Mercedes-Benz Jump’n’Drive level is available in the “Event Courses” section of Super Mario Maker, which showcases special levels presented by Nintendo and partners.

“Super Mario Maker continues to grow and evolve with new courses and content,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “It’s great that a luxury car brand like Mercedes-Benz recognizes the ability to create fun courses and share them with others.”

This special content marks the second time that Mercedes-Benz has made fun additions to a Nintendo game: The GLA is one of multiple free downloadable vehicles in Mario Kart 8. The new Super Mario Maker Event Course was created by Mario fans at Mercedes-Benz who were inspired by the GLA’s appearance in Mario Kart 8 and wanted to build a level with Mario taking the GLA on a road trip. The Mercedes-Benz Event Course takes players through a variety of automotive-related areas, including being at the dealership, taking a test drive through a city and eventually cruising down the autobahn. And as with any good Mario level, some surprises wait to be discovered.

“We are delighted to once again be represented in a blockbuster game like Super Mario Maker,” says Dr. Jens Thiemer, Vice President Marketing Mercedes-Benz cars. “Mercedes-Benz and Super Mario have a lot in common. Above all, they share the same vision: to inspire their customers and fans.”

The Super Mario Maker game lets players create, play and share their own Mario courses using a wide array of enemies, objects and power-ups. Millions of courses have been uploaded for people to play, many using elements of the Mushroom Kingdom in ways never before encountered. Nintendo also has previously added a course designed by Facebook, the course featured in the final round of the 2015 PAX Prime Omegathon and other courses designed by Nintendo.

The Mercedes-Benz Jump’n’Drive level is available in the “Event Courses” section of Super Mario Maker, which showcases special levels presented by Nintendo and partners. The level from Mercedes-Benz, the game’s exclusive automotive partner, can be downloaded for free by everyone who owns the game.”

Source: PR

22 thoughts on “Super Mario Maker Gets Free Mercedes-Benz Themed Content”

    1. Did you see the original ad for Mercedes in Mario Kart? It was a 8-bit Mercedes in a Super Mario Bros. level, just like this.

    2. Did you not know that every Mercedes GLA is also an amiibo? If you cant beat the event stage you can just park your Mercedes GLA on your WiiU Gamepad to unlock the awesome Mercedes GLA ingame amiibo costume.

    3. Actually, it made no sense in Mario Kart as well. Excluding the fact that Mario Kart was advertising the new Mercedes, it made no sense in the fact that seeing real world cars in a game like Mario Kart, seemed weird. That goes for any car, not just Mercedes.

      1. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!}

        It didn’t make sense but it wasn’t the bad kind of not making sense as I actually enjoyed the Mercedes GLA. Besides, there were a number of vehicles in Mario Kart 8 that were already in the game that looked like real cars. And if we want to be technical, karts are real vehicles, too, that you can make to look however you want it to.

  1. It all makes sense! In the Mercedes – Benz commercial, where a car is pursuing a Super Mario Bros. level. Does this mean that Super Mario Maker was already in development during that time?

  2. What’s going on with Nintendo and Mercedes? I thought it was weird when I saw them in Mario Kart, but I just brushed it off as a promotional stunt. This is even weirder.

  3. Lmao I wonder if Jose Otero is somewhere furious and/or disappointed by this.

    I’ll check the course out at some point, could be fun- or at least good for a laugh or two. Honestly i’ve been so busy i’m pretty behind on Super Mario Maker and with me planning to pick Xenoblade, FRN and a couple other games this weekend i’ll have even less time for SMM which sucks because it really is a great game.

  4. I like it. Adds to the variety.

    Also, company partnerships like these are always healthy and beneficial for both partners. Customers can reap the rewards of the weird deals they will come up with. Maybe in the future, if you buy an NX you can get a sizeable discount on a Mercedes-Benz in the future?

  5. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>The empire needs a total redesign with me as its leader, enough is enough with pathetic useless things like this that don’t contribute anything to the war>>>

  6. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!}

    >.< I'm enjoying this kind of stuff. As long as we don't get ads interrupting the gameplay, fuck it. Nintendo can do product placement as much as they want. Unless of course it involves putting a modern day vehicle or weapon in a game like say Zelda then fuck off with that bullshit! Keep it away!

    Maybe I just miss playing a Pikmin game with product placement all over the place. *looks right at the weakest link in the Pikmin franchise: Pikmin 3* Please let Pikmin 4 go back to the awesomeness of Pikmin 2! So many man made objects that could appear in a Pikmin game as a treasure. There's no reason to run out of stuff like that to put in future Pikmin games. *snaps out of it* @.@ Okay… I'm good now…

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