Konami Bringing Yu-Gi-Oh! To The Nintendo 3DS

It’s time to duel! Or, it will be soon. During Jump Festa 2016, Konami announced plans to bring a new Yu-Gi-Oh! game to the Nintendo 3DS. There are few details on what the game will be about, or how it will play, but we do know that it will launch in Japan during the summer of 2016. Here’s hoping the title can harness the magic–or heart of the card game, and that it makes its way to the West.

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  1. Don’t you be messing with me Konami, I swear to god. I bought The newest one on PS4…played it for 3-5 days then never again. We need a good story mode driven game. Like Reshef Of Destruction. Needs to come with 3 cards like the old days….I bet this will be based off the new movie….hmmm could work but still…..#FuckKonami

  2. I for one still enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh much better than that Shit Pok’emon! No Evs, No IVs or Smogon Assholes just me a deck of cards and my opponent how a game SHOULD be played (cough) Unlike Pok’emon (cough) Smogon’s pointless bans that are not official

    1. I tried to get back into Yu-Gi-Oh a couple of weeks ago. I chose to play the World Championship 2011 DS game, since it was the most modern one that I could try without paying.
      What the hell happened to the power creep in these series? I mean, I know some newer monsters and spells were generally better than the old ones, but now we’ve got entire MECHANICS that are broken. Who the fuck thought Synchro Summon was a good idea?

            1. No, that’s not accurate at all. If you have a Scale 1 and Scale 5 Pendulum Monster then you can summon as many level 2-4 monsters from your hand as you want. While that seems broken, you can’t do it till you get 2 Pendulum Cards drawn anyway, so unless you get lucky, it’s like Exodia you will be waiting and waiting till you draw 2 to even do the method. Not to mention Mystical Space Typhoon, Heavy Storm and such I believe destroy Pendulum cards. Also Someone spams you with 5 monsters at once? So what, that happened in the old days to, just use Mirror Force and your fine. Then they wasted their cards, granted they can come back next turn, if they are Pendulum Monsters. Again, annoying yes, but broken? No.

                1. Pendulum summon isn’t broken. If anything, it made some of the older mechanics “less broken”. I agree that some new mechanics broke older mechanics. Like: Synchro summon broke fusion summon and ritual summon, and XYZ summon broke pretty much all of those. However, in the current generation, some of the older mechanics are actually being made more useful and balanced again, and it’s partially thanks to pendulum summon. From what I’ve experienced, they have actually done a lot of rebalancing lately. If anything, pendulum summon is the first new mechanic in a long, long time that ISN’T broken as hell, because it can extend almost any previous form of summoning without making it obsolete. For example: It can extend tribute, synchro and XYZ summon and even some special forms of fusion and ritual summon.

        1. I don’t see how Synchro doesn’t outclass Fusion or even Ritual summoning in the usefulness scale. It’s the same thing, just without the required magic card and with more flexibility in picking the monsters you want to use. It might be because you’re already used to it, but from my perspective (and while playing a game that doesn’t feature Pendulum or XYZ summoning), Synchro is a clearly over-centralizing mechanic (or was, in 2011). If the power creep has only become greater, oh well.

      1. ok i’ll grant syncros are a bit weird but unlike all things they take time to get used to

    2. What the hell does Pokemon have to do with Yu-Gi-Oh the on thing the have in common is you collect thing other then that they are different type of games one is a RPG and the other is a Card Game

      1. Ok allow me to explain. Pok’emon is a collect-a-thon just like Yu-gi-Oh but unlike Pok’emon Yu-Gi-Oh Actually has enough ideas to keep it fresh yes granted some new systems take time to learn but still it’s a very enjoyable franchise. Pok’emon on the other hand is just feeding of nostalgia (mainly the over 20s that refuse to admit the franchise is dying) So the only way that Pok’emon is staying alive is because of the Over 20+ year old players that wont just acknowledge Pok’emon had it’s time

        1. I have to disagree on that one. I think it’s the new players that are keeping Pokemon alive. I used to play it as a kid. I had gen one, which I thought were great games, and still do. Then I got gen 2 which I thought was even better. After that I completely fell out of the loop. Years later I tried to go back and play the newer titles but they just felt way too unchanged. In fact the gameplay actually feels slower. I think the reason the games are still around is because as each new generation of games comes out, a new generation of kids is ready to play them. Of course there are older people who still play them, but the you see the biggest talk about them at the schools and on the playground. It’s the fourth and fifth graders keeping the series alove.

          1. funny at the events of nintendo i went to it’s not kids i see but grown ups all thekids i seen want call of duty so Pok’emon is more like a brony thing targeting the wrong audience plus a kid playing pok’emon is very rare now

            1. Interesting. I’ve never seen a Pokemon event. I have a few nieces and nephews and some younger cousins and I hear most of them talk about how popular Pokemon is at school. It could be that the actual Pokemon events are more popular with the older crowd because the older ones are more capable of researching when and where the events are and can drive themselves and kids have to rely on an adult being available to take them.

              1. trust me they are no fun at all im the oen who arranges 40% of them and thee was only one time there was a child the rest were gorwn men in there thirites after that i gave up hosting them especially since smogonites were there not playing but saying you can’t use that it’s banned and i told them to leave and stop ruining the game

      1. Actually has nothing to do with Silent Hills. What Konami did to Kojima at the GameAwards is enough to make me hate them for life…. But by all means, support them if you want to.

  3. To be honest, anything that says “Konami” on it is an instant no-no for me.

    After what they did to their employees and Kojima, can’t really forgive them and lets face it, NO ONE likes Konami any more and even potential partners have decided to stay away from them now, EA is even saying “Damn dude… you guys suck”.

    I can see the company dying by next year as early as mid E3 when they have nothing to show at all.

  4. Knowing that Konami, after all the disgusting BS they pulled on themselves and their loyal employees especially Kojima, they can fucking rot in hell for all I care and why bother with Yu-Gi-Oh! The series is dead weight now since after the original was finished and before Konami turned into the biggest dickhead gaming company.

      1. 1. Proofread and 2. No. YuGiOh is done since the original series ended. Unless they bring it back with a true follow up with the same cast or release an entire collection of season 1-6, it’s done. How is Zexal better? How does 5D’s bike duels make any sense and why cancel GX when it was starting to get good? Face it, the series is finished and lost its luster.

      2. Remember the Battle City days? That was the best shit of the series. Imagine the day when THAT comes to life, actual Duel Disks with portable hologram technology and a huge tournament like Battle City, that’s the day I’ll happily come back to the card game.

    1. You’re an idiot. It will be based off the new movie, Yu-Gi-Oh The Dark Side Of Dimensions, which brings back the original cast and takes place after the original Yu-Gi-Oh ended.

  5. All I got for konami is hard dick and bubble gum they can have either one after what they done to metal gears creator threw him away like a used condom #Pachinko machines

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