Here’s The Roy And Ryu Amiibo Packaging

In Nintendo’s recent Super Smash Bros. presentation, upcoming amiibo figures, Roy and Ryu finally got their release date of March 18th, 2016.

Along with the release date announcement, you can now also see their packaging on the Nintendo website. You can check it out below:


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  1. That headline picture… xD

    In seriousness, I’ll try to get Roy, but I hope they restock Lucina and Robin. Ike and Marth can be found easily in my town.

    1. I believe Robin, Lucina, and Wii Fit are the only Smash figures to not get decent restocks after their terrible first launches.

      Get it together NoA, or mark my words, angry fans will be pounding down your doors for all your transgressions of the recent past.

        1. Dedede got restocked once, but only a small one- I popped into a Gamestop on a random whim to look at what amiibo they had and one of the guys told me they had Dedede and Ness behind the desk. Without thinking I asked for Dedede, because you know if you don’t get them when you see them, someone a minute behind you will.

          I forgot Pit never got a restock either- a friend of mine went overseas, grabbed one for me, and I forgot all about his restock now that I had gotten him.

  2. Fuck the news! Who ever made that headline photo is clever as fuck. Palutena as always looking sexy as fuck.

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