New Costume Leaked For Super Mario Maker

Data miners have managed to find a new costume in Super Mario Maker ahead of its official release. The 112th costume is none other than the spring-footed plumber –but he won’t be doing much jumping. Head past the break for the spoiler.

Super Mario is taking to the sky. The new costume has the plumber piloting the Super Mario Land spaceship, complete with the original sound effects from the Game Boy title. Below, you can see pictures of the costume in action.

Better yet, if you want to test out a level featuring pilot Mario, just use code 4078-0000-0121-4C73 and take it for a spin. Be warned though: the costume is not intended for use and some actions, such as selecting the castle theme for the course, can crash your game. Happy (and safe) flying!



  1. I guess that negates my dream for the Game Boy games as a 5th possible engine. I’m guessing that’s exactly what they’ll do with Mario 2 now.

    1. To clarify, I now think we’ll just see some Mario 2 costumes instead of a whole engine like some have been hoping for.

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