Noitu Love: Devolution Is Being Ported To Nintendo 3DS And Wii U

Noitu Love: Devolution will soon join the Nintendo eShop lineup for both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Developers MP2 Games and Joakim Sandberg are targeting an early 2016 launch for the game, which was first released in 2012 on PC. The upcoming port will include new control methods, in addition to support for touch/pointer controls to emulate the mouse controls of the original version.


The PC game from 2008 is suddenly appearing on your Nintendo systems (soon, targeting Q1 2016), thanks to MP2 Games! Now with touch/pointer controls to emulate the unique mouse controls of the original version.

Play as Xoda Rap as she tries to save the city from the invading Darn army, who had previously been thought to be destroyed forever. But this time, they bring with them strange time-warping technology. WHO IS BEHIND THIS?

Yes, the game you heard about from me 100 times by now is finally coming to more fitting platforms. It was going to be on Wiiware a long time ago, but that developer relationship went south. MP2 Games – who’s doing the port – is already far along, and it’s going to be out in not too long! Quarter 1 is the word right now.

It’ll be the game as you knew it, but with new control methods that some people wanted for eight years *nervous breakdown* now. Hope it excites you! And tell your friends who don’t know the game too, please! That’s the word for now, with as many regions as we’re currently able.

-Joakim Sandberg



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