The Piranha Pit Map Is Now Available In Splatoon

Splatoon players can now battle on Piranha Pit, which is the Wii U shooter’s newest multiplayer stage. As its name suggests, the map is situated in a body of water that you don’t want to mess with. There are more than 10 stages in the game, including Mahi-Mahi Resort, Museum d’Alfonsino, Hammerhead Bridge, Flounder Heights, Camp Triggerfish, Moray Towers, Bluefin Depot, Kelp Dome, Port Mackerel, Blackbelly Skatepark and Saltspray Rig.



    1. Lol! I remember when people used to say that. “This game isn’t all dark and dank and realistic, with blood and cussing and stuff. It doesn’t even have voice chat it sucks! It’s not a COD clone so it’s gonna bomb hard!” Then it reaches a mill sales in Japan in half the time MK8 did. Stupid people.

      1. Damnit Batman. How did you know I wasn’t being serious! XD
        (I’m still not buying this game tho! *shakes fist at Splatoon*)

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