Koei Tecmo CEO Suggests That Nintendo’s NX Is A Home Console

Not much is known about the NX, but that will change in 2016. Nintendo has yet to even announce whether its mysterious system is a handheld, home console or a hybrid of both. But based on recent comments from Koei Tecmo‘s CEO, Yoichi Erikawa, the NX will apparently serve as a home-console device. This suggestion came out of an interview between Erikawa and 4Gamer, which you can read a excerpt from below:

4Gamer: On one hand, virtual reality requires special machinery to play, and we feel that the current state of “games” is headed to yet another way of playing. It’s almost as if it’s evolving towards the opposite direction of smartphones, and requires to “only play at that spot,” or something along those lines. Lately it seems that [home] consoles haven’t been doing too well, but is that the case? At least that’s what we’re wondering.

Erikawa: “Actually, I think that it’ll start doing much better. The PlayStation 4 has recently surpassed 2 million units in nationwide sales, and Nintendo announced a new ‘machine’ called the NX. From this point forward, I believe that each company will make clear commitments for these machines.”



  1. It’s a fucking hybrid. Calling it now. It’s the only logical choice. My theory is the NX something truly different. What if the NX can update its hardware as an the cpu, specs and all that other shit graphic whores complain about.

    1. Iwata already said that the NX won’t be a hybrid device. He hinted that it could be a family of systems meaning a handheld and home console that will most likely share the same games and OS but both platforms will most likely be sold separately but I do agree about it possibly being upgradable, it just seems like it would be smart thing for Nintendo to do to stay ” in sync with the times”. You see what I did there? lol

      1. He didn’t, but when asked a specific question about home consoles he brought up the PS4 and NX.

        I feel like saying that this is a suggestion is reaching a bit, but you never know, a lot of people have slipped up in the past.

    2. Yeah it’s got to be a Hybrid.

      They should do what Sony has done with the Vita and Ps4.

      Nintendo should make the NX a home console, then sell a handheld that’s very similar to the gamepad, but works like a Vita in terms of remote play. Being able to take the gamepad away from the room the NX is in.

      Or even better, allow the console to be played on the NX handheld practically anywhere that has a solid wifi connection.

      And have that be 100% optional so people don’t complain, not everyone likes being able to play their consoles on a handheld with ease (for some reason).

      1. Gaming on your NX trough wifi from somewhere else… Yeah, my Chromecast can’t even instantly payse my Netflix shows… Good luck gaming on that.

  2. Now now you sonnies shouldn’t worry about upcoming cop doodles and wobpadiez. Back in my day we only had rocks and sticks to play with. Sticks were my favorite. Tore my little game hole up. Good times.

    1. Course not, only Nintendo and a select few know what it is. People need to fucking learn that we used to have a thing called patience, NINTENDO SAID NO NX NEWS TILL 2016 which means E3, WAIT TILL THEN TO KNOW WHAT IT IS. (Or listen to me since my track record for predicting things is scary accurate) either way, ignore what all these people like Pachter and such say about NX.

      1. It doesnt mean e3. It can be anytime during 2016. What they’ve announced and when they’ve announced in the past is irrelevant. You are also delusional if you think the console won’t come ouv next year, early 2017 at the latest. They leave the wii u the way it is for another 2 years, they just won’t. Sales wise the system is dead, move on.

        1. You are delusional if you think the NX is coming out 2016, or early 2017.

          They said we’re getting NX news 2016, that is it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they save it until late 2016.

          If the NX is truely a home console, then expect late 2017 or mid 2018.

          That gives the Wii U a good less than 2 years to transition over. And without a doubt, if the NX is a home console, it’ll have full and utter Wii U game support.

  3. My guess is Nintendo will release their next home console first and focus on the handheld later. They did release the New Nintendo 3DS awhile ago, so I’m sure they want to get the most money out of that before moving on. Because after all, if they quit supporting the 3DS, there’s no point of the N3DS either.

    1. Well, this is Nintendo, the same guys that pretty much gave up support for the Gameboy Micro pretty soon. That and the DSi XL, they didn’t last long enough before the successors got released. Yeah they still sold those consoles but the support withered fast.

    2. This^.

      Even though the 3ds is due for a redo first, they did just make the New 3Ds, somewhat extending lifetime.

      My wishes is that the NX is a home console, and that down the line Nintendo will then release a “NXds” or some handheld that pairs perfectly with the NX and that is also optional.

      Making it like the Vita remote play towards the Ps4.

  4. I would really like to know how this woke hybrid theory even started. In the little bit of mention Nintendo has done about the NX, they have not given me a single iota of information to think hybrid.A hybrid is something completely new for the big 3, so it’s not like it has been done before. So how did people someone just start saying it’s going to be some totally new thing with absolutely no information on the NX and absolutely no reason to think of something so different. If Sony says PS5 is being developed, I’m not gonna say “The PS5 is going to be part video game, part smoothie machine.” So how in the blue hell did this rumor start? Serious question.

      1. Thanks for the info. I just looked it up. That gives a reason for the rumor to exist at least. I still won’t believe it until Nintendo themselves talks about the NX, but at least now I know where the rumor started, and not just out of thin air.

  5. well months ago reggie says the NX will be the next home console but i gotta say i think the NX should not be release in 2016 like i said because its way too early for nintendo to release there next console next year because they know that they have been making alot of mistakes for the Wii U even so its not extra powerful enough like the PS4 and Xbox ONE even so it can be much power like a super computer.

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