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Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Developers Discuss Game

If you reside in Europe then you are probably playing, or have played, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros which was released in December. The game has yet to be released in the United States, but is coming later this month. The talented developers behind the game have participated in an interview with Japanese publication Nintendo Dream. There’s plenty of things included within the discussion including the inclusion of Paper Mario, improving the control scheme, adding dash, plus plenty of other things. Read on!

ND: Was it decided from the start that Paper Mario would make an appearance in this game?

Otani: We were thinking about the next project after developing the previous entry “Mario & Luigi: Dream Team”, but before deciding which characters would be in, there was an idea that we had to re-examine the use of buttons and the way of playing. The layout of controlling Mario with the A button and Luigi with the B button has been established in the series, but this was the first game in which we decided to add into the formula and use three buttons, even though the controls may became a bit complicated.

ND: Characters were decided based on the increased number of buttons, right?

Otani: The Y button is the easiest button to reach after A and B buttons, and we looked for characters that can perform actions by using these three buttons. Although it would be attractive to use a character that has already appeared in the series, I thought that it probably wouldn’t feel fresh, and then it came to my mind that it would be interesting if Mario and a Mario-like character coexisted. That is possible with Paper Mario and since Paper Mario is thin, I thought we could use the contrast of three dimensional and flat or heavy and light in creating new gameplay.

On dash:

Otani: Some people who played the previous game commented that movement on the field felt a bit slow, and it was decided in an early development phase that we’d introduce dash instead of increasing the movement speed. Originally if you didn’t push the A, B and Y buttons with a good rhythm within a fixed time, you couldn’t dash and you’d stop soon if you couldn’t keep up with it. We created this system as we thought the continued input was interesting even though it was a bit complicated, but when we brought it to Miyamoto, he said: “That’s too much trouble, one button is fine.” (laughs)

Kobayashi: The X button [dash] is perhaps the most often pushed button on the field. We conducted a survey within our company and some people went as far as saying “you can’t live without dash” (laughs).

ND: What was the concept for this game?

Otani: I thought a festival-like feel would be nice since characters of two worlds appear. I think perhaps the biggest concept was how to express festive feeling during the fun adventure of two Marios and Luigi.


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