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People’s Choice Awards 2016: Super Smash Bros Wins Favourite Video Game Award

Good news for both Nintendo and Super Smash Bros fans as Super Smash Bros for both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U won the award for Favourite Video Game at the 42nd People’s Choice Awards. There were obviously a lot of strong contenders, but Super Smash Bros came away as the winner.

Favourite Mobile Game: Candy Crush Saga

Favourite Video Game: Super Smash Bros


Thanks, paidenthusiast



      1. You try to use school as an insult lol… I’m pursuing my education so I can do my best and have a better future and job than sitting on the computer and pretending I’m a cyborg lord for a game company

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      2. >>>And you are still nothing, only proved you have nothing going on other than meddle into others’ affairs>>>


  1. I’ve never heard of that awards show. What’s the criteria for choosing these games? Both of those games came out well over a year ago and just found it odd that they would choose a game that came out in 2014 and another that’s been out for years.

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    1. I don’t think it has anything to do with what year the game came out. Remember Smash Bros constantly got DLC last year so that alone made the game feel new and very relevant and Candy Crush is still very popular among mobile games. The People Choice Awards are mainly based on what the people’s favorites are for that particular year not just what’s new


    2. The People’s Choice Awards have been around for a while, since 1970’s. They are a pretty respected award show that airs on CBS. Celebrities appear there and walk on a red carpet and everything. Hollywood promotes it and talks about it afterwards and whatnot.

      Kind of like the Academy Awards or VMAs and whatnot.


  2. People’s choice awards 2016? How can there be an award show for the year 2016 when it started only 7 days ago?
    And I’m with danntheman1776, what are the criteria for choosing the winners? As he has mentioned, those games came out quite a while ago.

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  3. I gotta give this game another shot… I really just didn’t like the control scheme very much and seemed more like “smash buttons” then anything else… Must be me though


  4. I seriously don’t get what makes Candy Crush any better than the other mobile games. It looks like any normal “match three in a row to win” puzzle type games.

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  5. It’s great for Smash Bros. and it’s fans. But, it kind of upsets me that Sakurai didn’t get bombarded with complaints about there being no story mode (a.k.a. Single player campaign) in this game. Everyone’s praises is going to cause the next Smash Bros. (if there is one) to once again have no story mode. Because Sakurai and his team will think that it doesn’t matter to anyone. And it DOES!

    Having no story mode was a fatal blow to this game for myself. It made me not even care about playing it very much before moving on to other games. It literally turned the game into a strict multi-player game. And destroyed it for gamers like myself who love a deep, single player experience. I’m not even sure if I’ll buy anymore Smash Bros. games unless I hear there’s a single player story mode included.


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