Nintendo’s Share Value Is On The Up In Japan

It’s good news for Nintendo in terms of share value in Japan, as Bloomberg has reported that the value has jumped up 9.1 percent in a single day, making it the biggest contributor to Japan’s overall market value increase of 0.2%. Bloomberg has also reported that investment company Macquarie has raised its rating for Nintendo.

Nintendo Co. jumped 9.1 percent, the biggest contributor to gains on the Topix, after Macquarie raised its rating on video-game maker.

There are a lot of exciting things to come from Nintendo this year, including the Pokemon GO development, impending details on the NX, and Nintendo beginning to make its mark in the mobile gaming world. It seems that with all of these positives, investors are beginning to grow more confident in the company’s plans for the future.

Here’s a look at the stock graph from Bloomberg’s website below, showing that the value stands at 15,990 yen to date.

Nintendo Stock -  Japan

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  1. This reminds me.. .
    What the hell happened to that QOL project? It’s like they just swept it under the rug right after they revealed some info about it. It’s fine if they shelved it for a bit as I’m not too interested in the project’s concept. Though now I’m wondering about it. hmmm… Maybe it has to do with Iwata’s passing?

        1. >>>I’ve mentiones it a couple of times before, QOL project is most likely exclusive to our homeworld or Asia only>>>

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