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Pokemon Red & Blue On Virtual Console Won’t Utilise Restore Point Feature And More

Pokemon fan site Serebii is reporting that the Virtual Console release of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow won’t utilise the the Restore Point feature of the Virtual Console. The reasoning behind this isn’t entirely clear, but it is assumed that this is to prevent the cloning of Pokemon. The site is also reporting that you cannot access the Virtual Console Menu or Home Menu when using the Battle or Trade features. Catch all the details, below.

The manual for the upcoming Virtual Console releases of Pokémon Green, Red, Blue and Yellow has gone online and has provided a very interesting bit of information. For the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U Virtual Console games, there’s an option for you to use Restore Points in the VC menu on the touch screen so you can save a position in a game and return to it afterwards in case you make a mistake. However, it is now confirmed that Pokémon Red, Green, Blue and Yellow are unable to utilise the Restore Point feature of the Virtual Console, as well as being unable to use the 3DS’s built in save backup feature. It’s not stated why these features have been removed for these titles, but it is presumable to be in an effort to prevent the cloning of Pokémon. These are the first GameBoy Virtual Console titles to not utilise the Restore Point feature. It is also confirmed that, as expected, you cannot access the VC Menu or Home Menu when using the Battle or Trade features in the game. We also have details on how the wireless features specifically work. When you go to the Cable Club, a new menu will appear on the touch screen. The first option is to Connect to a Partner, which sends the signal out while the second option is to Search for a Partner, where it will look for connections being requested.


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  1. Fair enough. As long as the native save function works this is no problem at all. It’s even more like the original like that…

  2. It’s only logical to do it this way (only other way would be to remove trading, but I’m guessing fans prefer that over quicksave).

  3. Better this way. More like genuine pokemon. I hadn’t even realized they were being released on virtual console. I’m gonna have to get my friend to buy them on his Wii U this is awesome!

  4. I don’t get the point of this since its remotely impossible to transfer those PKMN in that game to newer versions. But as for preventing cloning/cheating, it makes sense.

        1. They’d have to create a conversion system for the (outdated) metadata of each Pokémon, since the IV/EV system is completely different now, not to mention the redistributed stats in some species and all that. I don’t think they’re willing to do it.

  5. Since this is mainly an anti-cheat feature, does that mean Pokemon Bank would be capable of interacting with save files from these games? Otherwise, I don’t really see the point too much.

  6. How come it’s OK to remove Virtual Console functionality from the pokemon games, but it’s not OK to sell GBA games on the 3DS virtual console due to problems with incorporating Virtual Console functionality?

    I’m sorry, but I will never understand that.

    1. There’s a difference between “the console literally can’t handle GBA games natively without working through an emulation shell” and “we chose to omit this feature because we’re integrating an entirely different feature that was a main part of these titles through essentially reverse engineering, and want to avoid people setting restore points, trading, and then resetting the restore point to clone monsters”.

      It’s all down to what they can do, and what they can’t do.

  7. Makes sense if you think about it logically, say you have lvl 100 and/or rare pokemon right? You create a save point, then go trade those pokemon with a friend or 2nd 3DS, then reload that save point and you still have them? No thanks, don’t want the games flooded with cloned pokemon if they ever somehow allow us to trade to the pokemon bank (wishful thinking I know).

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