Rumour: Nintendo Published Game To Be Revealed On Monday For Wii U

Investigative sleuths Emily Rogers and Liam Robertson have teased on Twitter that they’re aware of an unannounced Nintendo published game in development for Wii U and that they will announce what it is on Monday. They claim to have a lot of evidence to support the claim and both have been fairly reliable in the past. What Wii U title would you like to see announced?

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    1. Yes, this is arguably the most likely game to be revealed on Monday. He stated it back in September as being very close, so 5 months should be enough time to get it ready for release around now.

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    2. Plus Miyamoto hasn’t worked on anything NX related he stated at the time that he was content with Wii U. So Pikmin 4 will be Wii U exclusive.


    1. You follow the teachings of the fool formally known as Quadraxis..


      He is just an algorithm made to mimic what me and you perceive as life.. We see life as existence, he see’s existence as sub routines. Therefore he is not alive..


    1. Let’s see…
      Intellingent Systems has been busy with Fire Emblem, and given Paper Mario’s appearance on the last Mario & Luigi, I don’t think it’s possible.
      Miyamoto confirmed some time ago that we won’t see another 3D Mario on Wii U.
      Tanabe indirectly confirmed during E3 that Retro is not working on a Prime game.
      Could be Animal Crossing, could be a new IP. I don’t think they want to revisit Animal Crossing so soon after Amiibo Festival, though, and it seem to be a bit late in the console’s life to invest in a new IP.

      To be honest, if it’s not Pikmin 4 I’m completely lost.

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      1. Pretty sure the Mario comment was about 2D sidescrollers the “1 per console”. It was against the NSMB2 / NSMBU which came out in same year. We also haven’t had a “real” Mario 3D game yet. Real meaning an adventure style game like Mario 64, Sunshine, Mario Galaxy series. Not a 3D World/Land spin off.


      2. Tanabe said nothing about Retro. He doesn’t work there he wouldn’t know. He said if they eating him started Metroid now it would take 3 years. However I still stand by saying Retro is doing Metroid U. NOT PRIME THOUGH lol. Retros CEO talked about how they really struggled not to do Metroid on Wii U and it was a hard choice to pick DK. But everything points to them doing it after Tropical Freeze. So I believe Retro’s CEO over stupid Tanabe who doesn’t have to be involved with a Metroid game on Wii U lol.


    1. No no. It’s

      Metroid: The regeneration of Tetrabitch’s fatass legs.

      You’ll finally have tities to feed your pathetic offspring.


  1. I’m not sure about this rumour… I mean, Pikmin 4 hasn’t been shown but it’s confirmed to be near completion. The mainline Mario series is a no-go, Nintendo said that 3D World was there only WiiU mainline game, unless they’re bluffing. Zelda is getting two WiiU titles this year with Twilight Princess HD hitting shelves in March and Zelda U sometime post-E3, it’d be unusual for Nintendo to release a third console-Zelda within a year (though, this is discounting the possibility of Zelda U also releasing on the NX akin to what Twilight Princess did with the Gamecube and Wii). Metroid and F-Zero are out of the question, with the Metroid Prime team saying if they did make Prime 4 it wouldn’t come out for the WiiU, and Nintendo seems to have forgotten about F-Zero unless they’re planning on something for E3 (though, I wouldn’t hold my breath). Pokémon wouldn’t fit this criteria either as the Pokémon Company prefer handhelds (except for the release of Pokken Tournament this March). Wii Music is a nope, because Kimishima wants to move away from the Wii-era of Nintendo.

    It pretty much leaves three contenders:
    1.) Kirby
    2.) Animal Crossing
    3.) Project Guard re-announcement with a familiar Nintendo character (similar to what happened to Dinosaur Planet)

    Also I’ve been reading this blog for a few years and decided to take the plunge today :3

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    1. One thing. Metroid prime may not be in the pipeline but doesn’t mean it cannot be a metroid game. 2d or 3d. The key is what EPD team has been the longest without a new game and what do they normally work. Retro is capable of working on multiple games and monolith soft is capable of multiple said by Nintendo. I’m putting my money on Pikmin 4. We still won’t know Monday because it still is just a rumor and not an announcement\reveal of anything by Nintendo.

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      1. Retro is just not interested in the Metroid series right now. They are interested in Donkey Kong. They chose Donkey Kong over Metroid.


    2. Your wrong about Metroid. Only Tanabe said he doesn’t know of any Metroid in the works. He isn’t at Retro. You don’t need him to make a Metroid game. Retro is doing Metroid the CEO of Retro explained before that is was an incredibly hard choice to pick DK over Metroid for Wii U. So clearly they went to Metroid after. Plus Miyamoto stated Retro is the front runner for the dev to work on Metroid.

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      1. I really hope Miyamoto gives them the confidence to do Metroid, as there does seem to be a bit of a stigma which normally involves Other M or the Federation Force. Personally I would love to see the return of Samus in glorious 2D side-scrolling, and I think Retro could do it justice. There’s supposedly a unannounced game being produced by Kensuke Tanabe on the Retro Studios Wikipedia page (hopefully it isn’t those darn kids again with their walkie talkies and boom boxes).

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      2. I actually generally liked the gameplay of Other M, with the exception of those first person searching sequences and the fact that you had to enter first person view to shoot missiles. It perfectly combined 2D side-scrolling with 3D movement. The story was absolutely atrocious, but otherwise I enjoyed the game.

        It would be nice to see another game similar to Other M, but maybe with more 2D. I still want to see more 3D games though. I really liked the prime series.

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      3. I liked the combat but it could get disorientating swapping from third to first person quickly in the heat of a boss battle , The 2D-gameplay gave me nostalgic shudders, There were a few moments were the game looked visually beautiful for the Wii at the time … though, whoever thought of the first-person searching sequences should have been demoted to drawing in the background with the production babies, and that story (The story felt like someone modded the movie Alien 3 to have Samus as Ripley and the baby Metroid as the Queen embryo -shudders-).

        Apart from that I liked it, it’s kind of like the oddball in a litter of puppies. Sure you can have the one that looks at you with inquisitive eyes, but the one that can look at the bowl of food and you at the same time. Now that’s a keeper.

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      1. That certainly would one of Nintendo’s weirdest announcements if they announced Project H.A.M.M.E.R. was returning, though it’d probably end-up the way it was last seen… Wii Crush (I’m still unsure how they made the game cutesy without getting images of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in my head).


      1. I like to defend the PS4 and XBox One too. They are good consoles with some good games just not the type of games I’m interested in at the moment to buy them. My taste in games switches a lot. But I play the other consoles with my nephew who like to watch people play games.


  2. Well technically could be Pikmin 4 lol. Plus Retro’s game is obviously published by Nintendo but fat chance they would be able to spill the beans on it lol. Though I still say Metroid Wii U. We know there are unannounced games still for Wii U. But chances are it’s something nobody really cares for lol like Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival lol.


  3. Hate to go off topic, but I have a question. I ordered the Twilight Princess HD bundle from Best Buy and Gamestop (thanks to the suddenly exclusive soundtrack). I am thinking of canceling my Best Buy order. But I would like the amiibo from that order, since I don’t open my amiibo (only have like 6, but still). So if I keep the order, can I return it in store when it comes out without the amiibo? Or would they scan it and be like “Hey, where’s the amiibo and special edition box?” If I can just return the game without the amiibo, then I will do that. Or would GameStop allow me to do that where I keep the amiibo and the soundtrack?


    1. It depends. Are they releasing a stand-alone (without the amiibo) version of the game? If so then you should be able to return just the game. But because you don’t have a receipt for the stand-alone version, you’ll probably only get store credit and of course you won’t get $60 back. You’ll get back the price of the stand-alone.


  4. I hope it’s either a remake to Super Mario Sunshine or a sequel or even Bayonetta 3 but I really think it may end up being Pikmin 4. I’ll be fine with it’s just so long it’s not another Zelda remaster because I swear if it’s Skyward Sword HD I’m gonna fucking lose it

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  5. What title would I like to see announced?: Metroid Wii U

    What title do I think it will be?: Pikmin 4, even though it has technically already been announced.

    Who knows though? It could be anything, assuming these people are correct in their assumption.


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