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Check Out The New Hyrule Warriors Legends Collector’s Edition Guide

Hyrule Warriors Legends has received a fair chunk of online coverage this past month. Though, if you prefer a hard copy guide to flick through when getting past those tough spots in-game, Prima has you covered. For a limited time only, you can get a special hardback Hyrule Warriors Legends Collector’s Edition Guide from Prima for $34.99 or £25.

The guide will contain new content including characters and tools, along with expert battle tactics that provide the precise button presses and timing required to defeat your foes and capture territory for Zelda’s forces. It also contains the ability to exploit every creature’s weaknesses by using items and fighting techniques, additional information to find every item, and a code to access the eGuide.

It’s not the first time Prima have created a game guide for Zelda, either. Guides for older titles such as Majora’s Mask and Wind Waker, alongside newer titles like A Link Between Worlds and Tri Force Heroes, were created. However, this one will not be available forever. The guides will be printed only once and, as soon as once it is out of stock, it’s game over for fans. Hyrule Warriors Legends and the guide will release in North America on March 25th, while Europe can grab both a little earlier on March 24th.

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  1. Unrelated. But whatever happened to that Wii U game reveal yesterday from those leakers? I know they kind of hinted about it being a Paper Mario game on Friday I think, but nothing out of them yesterday. What’s up with that? Or did this site just not report it?

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