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Video: Here’s A Look At The History Behind Rare

YouTube channel UnboxedTV has taken an extensive look at the history behind one of the most iconic gaming studios, Rare. The video covers everything from the Ultimate days on the ZX Spectrum to the emergence of Banjo Kazooie and Conker on the Nintendo 64. If you have fond memories of the British development studio then you will probably want to give it a watch as it’s well researched and rather interesting.

Thanks, Shuhei Yoshito



  1. Chains of Lucifer X3 {Free Urselves, Nintendites (fanbitches), from Nintendo's shackles! If U don't, U will fall when they do. All must come to an end as nothing created by humans is 4ever. Ur precious Almighty God Nintendo is not beyond corruption.} says:

    A great shame Nintendo let all of those IPs go when they sold their shares of Rare to Microsoft. Now those franchises are rotting away at Microsoft. I could possibly be playing Rare Replay on my Wii U right now if not for that past mistake.


      1. [[[Told him that a few times before too, but he doesn’t care because it’s Nintendo’s fault for not knowing how this current time would be]]]

        [[[The only way the Empire would continue to have access to these weapons is by paying the Xbots resources all the time and that’s unacceptable no matter what]]]


      2. Which is why Nintendo should have bought Microsoft’s stock instead of selling theirs. And if they couldn’t afford it at the time, they should have just bit the bullet & partnered with Microsoft til they did have the money to buy the rest of Rare’s stock. Nintendo were fools to let those IPs go that could have easily been saved with better games made by Retro Studios. No amount of damage control for Nintendo is going to change that fact. But Nintendo’s loss will one day be Microsoft’s gain when they start making better Rare games out of their IPs.


      3. if & when they start making better Rare games* Fixed. Microsoft, aside from Rare Replay, have floundered with Rare’s IPs, so it’s still an if they can make better games.


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