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Video: Image & Form Look At Possibility Of An Official SteamWorld Amiibo

Image & Form, the developers behind the acclaimed SteamWorld, have produced a video asking the question whether a SteamWorld themed amiibo is within the realms of possibility. We know Nintendo is open to third party amiibo as we have already got the Shovel Knight amiibo so a SteamWorld one isn’t entirely out of the question.

Thanks, Aldo

10 thoughts on “Video: Image & Form Look At Possibility Of An Official SteamWorld Amiibo”

  1. I love ‘Dig’ but have never played ‘Heist’, so maybe if it were based on the former. Assuming the devs went in and gave the game an update so it actually does something as well. I like the altered gameplay that the Shovel Knight Amiibo gives, so something along those lines would be fun.

  2. If there are enough fans that want it and it would add something to the game then it’s definitely possible. Obviously 3rd parties are welcome to make amiibo and it’s great that more are looking into amiibo. I certainly wouldn’t say no to him. I hope they do it, I’d be nice to see more non-Smash Bros amiibo.

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