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Super Mario Maker Adds A New Set Of Challenging Event Courses

It’s time to boot up Super Mario Maker again, as a fresh batch of challenging Event Courses have been added to the Wii U game. The new courses were created by Nintendo for a Japanese gaming event called Tokaigi. According to the publisher, they were used in the final round of the King of Course Creators/King of Course Players contest. Take up the challenge by trying them out for yourselves.


4 thoughts on “Super Mario Maker Adds A New Set Of Challenging Event Courses”

  1. Sadly most of them are not that great. The first one is pretty tough but kinda annoying. No idea how the hell the world record is 13 seconds, I guess missed an exploit or something.

    The second and third one are just puzzles. The not-underwater lvl of the two also allows to skip the final puzzle if you manage to do a shell jump…with a P-Switch.

    Stage 4 is pretty cool though. Basically a speedruning stage that tries to make you lose time at every corner.

    I mean I cant really complain about free stages but compared to the stuff they ran at AGDQ it makes you wonder why stuff like these is titled “King of Creators” courses <.<.

    1. Yeah, I pretty much agree 100%. But, man…that first level…just makes me want to beat my gamepad to death with a baseball bat. So simple, but so #<^¥ing frustrating.

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