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Nintendo President Says More Big Nintendo 3DS Games Coming

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has confirmed to investors that there are more high-profile unannounced titles in development for the Nintendo 3DS. With rumours that a portable NX system is launching this year we weren’t entirely sure what was happening with the Nintendo 3DS, but Kimishima has assured investors that they have more games that can’t be announced just yet. Kimishima also told investors that he believes the Nintendo 3DS will remain a big pillar for the company for quite some time.

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31 thoughts on “Nintendo President Says More Big Nintendo 3DS Games Coming”

      1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

        -||Of course, the Empire is dead, the rise of The First Order of Nintendo will soon take shape||-

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  2. I’d trust his word on this. Hate to say it, but I already like Kimishima waaaay better than Iwata, he’s seemingly been quite a bit more communicative with the fans and investors than Iwata was. He’s got big plans, and they all seem to be falling into place, piece by piece.

          1. In Japanese the vowels are pronounced the same way every single time, unlike in English. A, i, u, e, and o are, respectively, pronounced: ah, ee, ooh, eh (as in egg) and oh.

    1. The way Japanese is segmented would have it said Ki-mi-shi-ma since letters and kanji spelt out sounds rather than individual letters. So yeah, everyone’s pretty much I right, but the Ki is pronounced like key, and the mi would be pronounced together like “me” and not with the Ki part making a “Kim” sound at the beginning :p

  3. DUH! The next Pokémon will come to 3DS for sure. And probably even the next gen. NX handheld wont take over until at least another couple of years. Trust me on this one. I’ve lived long enough to see it with my own eyes before. And even if you haven’t, take a look back at history. Pokémon is what keeps Nintendo’s handheld devices alive for years longer almost all on their own.

    1. Considering Gen 5 in it’s entirety was out after the 3DS was out, it wouldn’t be surprising to see 3DS pokemon games even after we get the next portable lol

  4. “Kimishima also told investors that he believes the Nintendo 3DS will remain a big pillar for the company for quite some time.”

    Great… The system that’s gathering dust for me isn’t going away anytime soon. Meanwhile the one I’m enjoying, U, is leaving.

    NX home console confirmed, NX Mobile later on.

  5. Considering how well the 3DS family sells, the quality level of the games being produced for them and that the ‘New’ just launched last year, I always figured that if the NX had a portable game unit it would be a totally separate product and not just the 3DS’ replacement. Maybe something similar to the hand helds Sony has been using and not a dual screen device, allowing for the NX portable and the DS family to both be active at the same time.

    This could allow for a greater variety of mobile Nintendo games while also sticking to Nintendo’s standards of trying to confuse their consumers with similar products that are totally different (predicting the NX portable to be called the New Nintendo 1D X, XL).

    Could be super totally wrong, but that’s the approach I would take if I were Empereor.

  6. ~*Let the shackles be released!*~ Chains of Lucifer X3 ~*Or fall forever!*~

    ~*Worse Plot Twist: By big he means every character in the game will have big fucking heads & small as hell bodies. Say hello to more chibi artstyles for games that should never, ever go chibi style! *cough* Federation Farce*cough*~

    1. ~*Let the shackles be released!*~ Chains of Lucifer X3 ~*Or fall forever!*~

      *cough*Metroid with Federation Farce*cough*~* Fixed.

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